Custom Home Builder Strengthens IT Infrastructure and Employee Mobility with DocuWare Cloud

Custom Home Builder Strengthens IT Infrastructure and Employee Mobility with DocuWare Cloud

On Point Custom Homes implemented DocuWare Cloud to secure their data and speed invoice approvals. The results: a mobile ready, flexible, and secure system that keeps the work moving forward regardless of job location and scheduling challenges

On Point Custom Homes is locally and nationally known as one of Houston’s top builders, receiving numerous awards including Texas Custom Builder of the year for 2017. With its focus on quality construction tailored to each client, the builder completes on average 20 homes a year ranging from design-build custom homes, to remodels and spec homes. On Point strives to get to know their clients and works to meld their needs, wants and budget into a beautiful home that provides a unique reflection of the owners.

Prior to implementing DocuWare Cloud, On Point experienced a server and backup drive crash losing all their accounting documents in their electronic workflow software.  After the crash, On Point reverted to a paper-based system for a few months while looking for a better solution. 


The builder knew they wanted to implement a cloud solution to strengthen their data retention and secure information. They also wanted a solution that was mobile ready and would allow employees to approve invoices remotely while waiting for a subcontractor to arrive at a job site.


On Point had narrowed its search to three vendors and in the end, chose to implement DocuWare Cloud because of its data security, flexibility and mobile-readiness. After indexing and workflow needs were designed and tested, the implementation was done remotely which is one of the many benefits a cloud solution provides.

“After our server crashed and we lost all the data in our old system, we went back to 1982 for a few months with me handing the project managers folders of invoices. Another reason we chose a cloud solution was because we knew it would be quick to get up and running and I was tired of living with piles of paper,” said Carmen Spruill, Office Manager for On Point Custom Homes.

Spruill continued, “We had great communication and lots of testing while our solution was being configured. This made the rollout very smooth. We had no hiccups, and when I did need some help, responses were quick.”

Invoices arrive by mail, email and the occasional one is hand-written and dropped at the office. With DocuWare Cloud in place, invoices and other supporting documentation are easily scanned or imported and indexed with the vendor name, invoice #, amount, project and QuickBooks code.  Electronic stamps are used to route an invoice through the approval process.


In the construction industry, project managers spend much of their time at a job site coordinating with subcontractors, ensuring building supplies are delivered and keeping the build on schedule. However, the project manager is also responsible to keep an eye on the financial side of each build so reviewing and approving invoices in a timely manner is business critical. When On Point deployed DocuWare Cloud, it had a huge impact on the company as they were able to quickly move invoices through their process and provide their clients with an up-to-date cost breakdown for their home at any given time.  On Point works hard to make sure their clients get the home they want at a price they can afford. Furthermore, with mobile access, the builder eliminated a 30 to 60 minute drive back to the office, allowing employees to better prioritize their time.

“I have one project manager that likes to do all his paperwork from home, late at night.  DocuWare helps him enjoy dinners with his family and can keep the work moving forward once the kids are tucked in for the night,” said Spruill.

On Point loves the transparency of the solution, knowing at a glance where each invoice is in the approval process and knowing that every document is accounted for and not lost in the shuffle. DocuWare Cloud makes it easy to settle payment disputes and resolve invoice questions, because the staff has instant access to electronic notations the project managers make on each invoice.


Working with DocuWare Cloud gives On Point security for the future and freedom from maintaining their own servers, as well as peace of mind that comes from knowing their information is safe from server crashes as well as natural disasters. The solution essentially put in place a disaster recovery plan that had been missing from their IT landscape. On Point continues to build their business along with beautiful homes for their customers.


“The cloud solution was exactly what we were looking for. Knowing everything on the back end is taken care of, allows us to focus on our clients,” said Company President, Earl Correll.

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