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Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I'm not sure that was a quote from the Bible but was something that I learned in Sunday School.  While growing up in Iselin, NJ.,  my family and I attended Episcopal Church every Sunday, following the Mass was Sunday School. Can't remember if that happened a certain time of year or not and I don't believe it was all year long.

However I understood that phrase to mean that treat other people with the concern and kindness you would like them to show toward you.  It's sad that I find a lot of that missing in today's world, and I'm afraid it may someday maybe lost to future generations. 

Today I had an hour long chat with Darrell Leven today while driving back to the office from one of my appointments.  The last time I chatted with Darrell was earlier this year at ITEX 2019.  Darrell had reached out to me via email earlier and asked if I had some time to chat and I responded with "yes, please call me on he cell".

Darrell is now the COO for Preo Analytics, Inc.,  Darrell used to be a copier guy like most of us and was selling copiers back in the seventies and eighties.  Darrell has me by two years with industry service.  He at 41 an I've got 39, yes we've had some great stories about the past, present and future of our industry. Seems like we both have no chance of retiring soon because we both love what we do.

Today's talk track was more about "users".  Now "users" is somewhat of a new term for me especially when I've only really known the copier world for all of these years.  Darrell made mention that sometime in the near future GDPR (general data protection regulation) will be making it's way to the United States (currently it is in force in the EU). I can see that with recent news events for FaceBook, Google, Apple and Amazon on Capitol Hill.

Many companies in the near future will need to have data on their users to be in compliance: 

  • Who is printing
  • What are they printing
  • Where they are printing
  • When was the document printed
  • Who can have access to certain files

"Ink on paper can be a costly liability if the printed documents is not properly tracked, secure or prevented"

Preo offers end point activity management and reporting, their PrintIntelligence provides dashboard for detailed reporting of managing and analyzing the computer network end point environment. Now I can't remember the entire conversation (cause I'm old), but we did speak about quarterly business reports and how cool it would be to offer the client a complete review of all printing all printing devices and provide all of the above.  In addition PrintIntelligence will provide automated reports for all networked endpoints.

I didn't know the term"end points", thus I thought it would be good to share the knowledge. 

An endpoint is a remote computing device that communicates back and forth with a network to which is it connected. Examples of endpoints include: Desktops; Laptops; Smartphones; Tablets; Servers; Workstations; Endpoints represent key vulnerable points of entry for cybercriminals.

While many are looking for ways to re-invent the wheel with printing, I found it refreshing that Preo offers a program to dealers that allows them help their clients with "user" management and reporting.  Seems to me that there are many clients that can use this service.  I'm no expert in all of this and I did not stay at a Holiday Inn!

I've attach some documents on this blog and if you's lie to learn more, please give my good friend Darrell Leven a call.

Do unto to others as you would have them do to you


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BTW Preo is not an advertiser/sponsor for the Print4Pay Hotel. I thought it would be nice to lend a helping hand and get the word out.


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