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COVID19 Remote Working Day Two Hundred and Thirty Six of Selling


COVID19 Remote Working Day Two Hundred and Thirty Six of Selling Copiers

Yay!  The end of the week and just two days from the end of February sales month for me.  The week has been very good to me and I'm hoping the next two days can be the icing on the cake.

To date I'm at $76K for the month and there are still two additional opportunities that could come home to Papa.  One opportunity is for $56K that I have a verbal on and documents were sent for signatures today.  The other is rather small at about $5K. I hate to count my chickens but there's a decent shot that I can get to about $130K for the month.

Even if I finish where I'm at it will be a great start to 2021.  The thought that lingers in the back of mind is to limit the slumps that I'll see in 2021.  As I stated in the previous blog that only comes with prospecting.  Guessing this March will be all about prospecting.

A few minutes ago I was able to log into Linkedin Live to hear Earl Everson chat about sales people in our industry.  What we both agree on is that most new and even novice reps have no clue as to how our devices can help solve day to day business workflows or issues.

Business Intelligence?

One item I always bring up is if the client is using and cloud applications for their document retention.  Are you using apps like DropBox, Box, Google Drive or One Drive?  Sometimes you'll get a no but more and more often I'm getting a yes we are using one of those apps.  It's that time that you can then ask the client to please tell me how you are scanning those documents now?  That question will lead you down the path of their existing workflow for scanning.  In most cases you will find that your product/feature will save them time in their scanning process. In addition this can lead to several other questions,  such as is there a need to scan document to MS Word or how about MS Excel, or maybe ask if their existing scans are searchable. Asking that those questions leads you down the rabbit hole and you'll be amazed at what you may find out. Is there a document retention policy, is there pain in the current process, or you might unearth the holy grail that the client has been thinking about the implementation of content management solution.  Of course if you don't ask you don't get.

Read Your Brochures

To this day whenever I get get a new brochure for one of our devices I will read it and then read it again.  In addition many manufacturers publish their own internal information guides about their products.  Read them, not once, not twice but multiple times. They are packed with nuggets of information that can make you the guru of your product in your market place.  In most cases after reading these you will have questions. So don't just read to day I read it, jot down your questions and get answers.  Finding those answers to your questions will help you understand your product better and when you know you product better than your competitor it becomes a win win for you.

Q & A

You can go many places to get those answers one of those places in our forums. There are man of us that are hear to help because it's something we like to do in addition the chat we have can also help us understand a competitors product or feature.  Another way is to go directly to your manufacturers rep to see if they can help.

If you don't know the product you're selling inside or out the next salesman will. The question becomes who do you want to be?

-=Good Selling=-

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