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COVID19 Remote Working Day Two Hundred and Thirty Seven of Selling


COVID19 Remote Working Day Two Hundred and Thirty Seven of Selling Copiers

Blogged on Friday and now on Monday which makes two days in a row and that can also be considered a winning streak!

With two days left in the month today was all about making sure documents and lease approvals were in place.  Both approvals came in today and I was able to submit the smaller $5k order today.  Tomorrow morning will see me on-site to pick up documents for a black production device.  In addition I have one more call to make that could net another $5K in revenue.

I should finish the month of February around $130K then add that to January's $90K and that gets me to $220K for the quarter and there's still a month left.  More importantly what this does for me is that it gives me another goal to reach for.  Never in my 41 years did I ever attain $300K in one quarter.  Thus I've set a my revenue goal for March for $85K!  I may or may not get there but in order to get there you need to establish the goal.  The goal is now set and let the prospecting and planning begin.


Looking at March I thought we would have a long selling month, in fact March is one of the shortest selling months at only 20 selling days.  Little did I know that February was packed with 24 selling days (two over the average of 22 selling days per month).

In addition looking at March sees me with a funnel that is somewhat depleted.  Nothing big, maybe one light production color device and then a mish mosh of smaller devices.

How Can I Get There?

Great question indeed.  It's going to take all eight or more hours of every day to make the calls, send the emails to find the prospects.  One additional tool I will use is my Constant Contact database of net new and existing clients that I have.

The plan will be to develop one email that I can blast out for the next four weeks. What will be in the email?  As of today I have no clue, tomorrow will be the day that I put on the creative thinking cap and come up with something. Of course something is better than nothing.  Constant Contact starts at only $20 per month and you can have up to 500 contacts!  Not too shabby and a great way to keep in touch with new promo's or offerings for your clients. 

Here's a Constant Contact referral code that would help me out when you get started referral link.  Once you're signed up you can then start using your referral code for others to get some of those awesome credits and or visa gift cards.  Basically if you've turned on only a few peeps a year your constant contact could be free.  We all like FREE.


Speaking of referrals it's something that I need to do more of this year and especially for the month of March.  If you don't ask you don't get and I haven't been doing a lot of asking in recent months.  Note to self put referrals on my white board so I don't forget. 

Spring Ahead

That time is almost here for most us when we turn the clocks ahead for an hour. For me it means that winter is not coming anymore and spring is in the air.  The spring also provides optimism that things will change, and in order to get to where we want or need to be that we also need to change. Change is good because doing the same thing day and day out is so boring. I ask you who the frak wants boring?  Spring also brings new challenges and new opportunities as long as you find them.  Opportunities will never come to you, you need to find them.

-=Good Selling=-

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