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COVID19 Remote Working Day Two Hundred and Sixty-Four of Selling


COVID19 Remote Working Day Two Hundred and Sixty-Four of Selling Copiers, Managed IT, BDR & Content

Kind of hard to believe that it's the end of March and I'm seven days into my selling April already. Kinda plays head games with you especially when you're struggling.  However there is always hope and that hope comes in the form of 23 selling days for April.  Good Friday will see me working in the AM and my only task is to email and call as many prospects as I can in four hours. 


For the last three days I've been trying to play catch up with my CRM.  Not only do I have to build the funnel again but I also have to take care of current clients that have questions or need assistance with something. In addition when you get on a roll with appointments the prospecting time reduces because each appointment can create additional to do items. 

Research & Review

Yesterday I spend half the day working on a $50K opportunity for an existing client.  My time was spent reviewing pre-covid and covid print volumes and costs.  In addition I created a spreadsheet for those devices with existing cost and projected cost and migrating the 2020-2021 volume to the replacement copiers.  This morning I added a short power point to show the client for the virtual meeting and that added another two hours.  Some have asked why do you go through the trouble of creating the spreadsheet when it takes so much time? Well that's because the client may ask for validation and if I don't have the validation available during the meeting then the client might think everything is fudged. I'd rather put in the time to come prepared.


The meeting with the $50K opportunity was today and the meeting went according to script until the client requested a review of 3 more quarters of pre-covid volume.  The only snag is that I wouldn't be able to close the order today, however we did set up another meeting next week for the final review. Setting up those next steps are crucial, just don't take the clients word that yes we'll meet next week. Make sure you get the commitment before the meeting ends and then send the invite right after the meeting closes (thanx Brad).

I had one other meeting with an existing client where I quoted a black A4 device and now they would like to see the numbers for color A4.  That next step is now scheduled for Monday.  When you're in somewhat of a hole it's time to do everything by the book of sales.


Yes, prospecting got away from me for another day. Totals for the day was 7 calls, 6 emails, contacted 3 DM's, scheduled 3 appointments and added 2 opportunities for a total of $38K.


Has me on the road for an 11AM with another existing client. Not sure if there's a new opportunity here but it will be time well spent since my existing decision maker just retired.

-=Good Selling=-

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Wow, more than one year now!

Exactly one year ago it was 'day 11',

I don't think we all expected to reread your vision for the future of April 1, 2020, and are amazed at what happened in the past year.

Art, with you blog you helped a lot of people to keep going!

@Martin Hofman  thanx for the capture day 11!  Also thanx for the great comment, I've heard from any and they've stated the same thing.  Writing the blogs almost every day helped me as much as it helped others.  So glad I could play a part in this to help everyone.  NJ is still not out of the woods and we are experiencing another surge that may last into the summer months. I hope not, but as long as we're still in this I will keep writing!

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