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COVID19 Remote Working Day Two Hundred and Seventy of Selling


This will be a quick blog for tonight since I have to prep tonight for an on-site meeting an existing client early tomorrow.


A decent day and that's because a virtual Managed IT meeting with an existing client went well this AM. In fact I'm meeting with them in person tomorrow to present an upgrade for their MFP.  I'm hoping the savings from the MFP can be parlayed over the Managed IT proposal to lower their overall cost.  Did I plan it that way?  Well yes I did and why not, the general theme of COVID is that most if not all companies are looking to save wherever they can.

My second virtual appointment of the day was with another existing client that has four 60 ppm MFP's.  They were in the weeds for quite some time until I had a meeting with them last week. At that meeting I was asked to go back and do some additional homework for our meeting today. This meeting went well also and as of right now it seems that this order will come to Papa (granddaughter calls me that) for this month.  We have the final meeting set for the 20th of this month. This opportunity is about $60K

The third virtual appointment of the day produced a verbal okay to send documents for signature.  Not a big order but an A3 color for about $7K.


I have the one appointment early in the A3 for another existing client and that's the one that is interested in the Managed IT. It should go well and that opportunity is about $13K.  The rest of the day will be spent prospecting because with two weeks left it's what I do. 

Package in the Mail Today

I just love it when I get stuff in the mail, well it wasn't the mail but the package came from Fedex.  I've been waiting for the package for a few days and was pumped when it finally arrived.  That package was from Relyco and contained all sorts cool substrates that Production Printers can print on.  Durable Papers, envelopes & labels, pressure seal, business checks (blanks for MIRC), carbonless, ID cards and so much more! I haven't had the time to inspect the entire package yet but plan to dig into it in the next couple of days.  In addition I'll be posting up a short blog with my findings and may out a video on my YouTube channel.

Please check out my YouTube channel and please subscribe because I need to get to 100 subscribers in order get my P4P Hotel domain.

Things are finally looking up and the harder you work the luckier you get.

-=Good Selling=-

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