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COVID19 Remote Working Day Two Hundred and Seven of Selling


COVID19 Remote Working Day Two Hundred and Seven of Selling Copiers

Apologies for only posting one blog last week however I've been dealing with sinus issues for the past few days.  It was somewhat better over the weekend however it's back and I'm playing catch up with many items.  I hope to have our weekly email address out this week but it's already 9:30PM.

Spy Chips

Spy chips have you heard of them?  Do you know what they are?  Seems I do because I follow press releases related to IT, IT services, MSP and MSSP.  Each week I publish an easy to read up dates of IT related articles and press releases that come across in my google alerts.  Last week I read that Toshiba in partnership with a Japanese University has developed a tool to sniff out those spy chips in electronic hardware.  The cost is about $15K per device but what's the cost of losing your proprietary or trade secrets?  The more I thought about this the more I thought this would be a great tool for dealers to offer to their high end clients. We all know how many of those Chinese made devices are in those accounts.  It makes a lot of sense to me, you can read the thread on that here.

My Day

Today was still filled with playing catch up with some accounts and prospecting.  I didn't fare to well with the prospecting but I was able to cross everything and everybody I wanted to contact on my to do list.  That was my goal for the day. No matter what I had to get those tasks completed so I could move forward.  Tomorrow means another list of things to do.  I think the end result was maybe 15 calls and and 20 emails for the day.  I was also able to schedule two appointments which was not good but it was better than the alternative of not setting any appointments.

Late Friday I emailed pricing over for that net new account that is no longer net new due a timing factor.  That account expired as net new on the last week of December.  Since I emailed the pricing late Friday, okay I'm going to stop right here for a moment.  In most cases when I think an order might be close,  in addition to sending the pricing proposal I'll also send the order docs.  For me it shows my intent to to move forward and gives the client everything they need in writing along with the proposal.  Since those docs were sent late Friday today was the day I would let the ball travel and follow up tomorrow.  At 4:45PM I received the signed order docs.  Yes, I was surprised and yes the order was a nice one coming in around $60K.  Yay! for once I'm ahead of the game, I've still got two weeks left in the month and there's another $40K out there for the month.

My next two weeks will be spent rebuilding the funnel because many have fallen off, many have delayed their decisions and many are still fighting COVID.


I've got another full day tomorrow with a long list a new to do's and an on-site appointment to help an existing client. I'm hoping my time at this client can move the ball forward with a content opportunity that has been in the weeds for two years.  Plus I need to process that order and get back on the stick for email and calls.

More to come tomorrow!

-=Good Selling-=

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