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COVID19 Remote Working Day Two Hundred and Nineteen of Selling


COVID19 Remote Working Day Two Hundred and Nineteen of Selling Copiers

It's Wednesday and it's already been a long, long week for me.  I was able to secure a net new at the end of last week for about $30K.  Thus I came out of January at about $90K.  A nice head start for the quarter.   However there is always the good with the bad, and that bad part is that another net new for $35K has gone back in the weeds on me.

Thus February is going to be somewhat of a challenge to get to my quota.  In addition February only has 20 selling days!  That's 10% of my month lost before it starts.

After two hundred and nineteen days there is still no relief in site for businesses getting back to full staff in New Jersey.  Our Governor is stating that he is hoping that New Jersey will be somewhat back to normal in July. In addition I've heard that he would not lift the health emergency order until we have 60% of the NJ population vaccinated.  By my calculations at our current vaccination rate it would take just about two hundred days which is more than six months.

Better Call Art

The last part of my day was the best part of the day for me because I had a chance to help one our reps with a wide format opportunity.  When you have a wide format opportunity I like to say "Better Call Art". 

We took about 45 minutes to go over some notes for the wide format opportunity and strategize how on it would be presented via a MS Teams Meeting.  This opportunity was in the last couple of months with their current wide format and wanted to move to another device that offered color print as well as color copy.  Much of our conversation was centered around the cost per square foot for service/supplies along with some new features that we thought would help the client. 

Little did I know that our rep wanted me to stay on the MS Teams meeting while he email the proposal and then called the client in.  The call to the client went through and there I was doing my best imitation of Silent Bob.  Listening is key right?

  With MS Teams we have the ability to do a text chat and before I knew it I was coaching him through the call with specs, numbers and features for the device we were offering. I then realized what a useful tool the chat feature is and having the ability to listen in on the call and be the Silent Bob and offer up questions and answers for our rep. 

After the called ended we stayed on the MS Teams meeting and gloated about how cool it was to have a Silent Bob on the call.  I guess that's virtual coaching at it's best.  We'll find out more tomorrow about how well we did.

Wide format is such a great product to sell because there's not that many of us that understand the specs, and can speak the language anymore. In addition there's only three major players in the AEC wide format market place. 

Tomorrow we have our annual sales virtual kick-off event.  Should prove to be interesting since it's all virtual.  I have short time to prospect in the AM and then it's a real trip to the office!

-=Good Selling=-

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