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COVID19 Remote Working Day Two Hundred and Nine of Selling


COVID19 Remote Working Day Two Hundred and Nine of Selling Copiers

In 40 some odd business days it will be one year since I was optioned to working remotely here in New Jersey.  Two days after returning from our Presidents Club Trip to Aruba everything went to crap.  Just hard to believe it's going to be a full year.  Also hard to believe that I've been writing this blog series for almost one year.  Maybe it's time to write that book?

Today's positive cases for COVID19 reached an all time high at almost 7,000.  Many are calling for additional lockdowns while almost as many are calling for the lockdowns to end.  In addition it's an election year from our Governor.  I expect conditions not to change in New Jersey until June of this year.  I can only hope that it will happen sooner than later.


As much as I tried to get ahead of the prospecting curve I was pushed back with either an important email or a call.  Those calls and follow ups need to be finished but it just wasn't in the cards today.  I was able to muddle through my important list of things to do but making the 25 plus calls or emails didn't happen.

I was able to process the one order I received late last week (was waiting for credit approval) today for about $64K.  In addition I was able to garner a $30K opportunity with a net new account.  I think this opportunity has legs for this week however I'm not counting my chickens just yet.   

One of my other opportunities for a color production device also committed to an appointment late this Friday.  I'm hoping this will be the appointment that locks down the order an we can move forward.  This opportunity is worth $35K.

Thus there's an outside shot that I might be able to run the month somewhere around $130K.  That would be nice and an awesome way to start the first quarter, however I know that anything can happen at anytime.  Thus the reason to continue prospecting and keep moving opportunities into the funnel.

Like I stated on the last blog about being ahead of quota is nice however if you slack off you'll be right back to where you started.  Just maybe this could be the year that I hit my revenue numbers early and not having opportunities go down to the wire.

Virtual Demos

Within a week or so one of my clients will be seeing a virtual demo for a color production device.  Since this is new to me and new to the client I was curious if anyone has any tips to share.  At this point I'm thinking virtual demos could happen more often because the client does not have to leave the office.  Would that be a fair statement?  I can remember many demo's in our office that didn't come to fruition because the client wasn't able to leave, got hung up on a project or just didn't have the time for the travel back and forth.  If you have any tips please leave them in the reply for this blog and they will be appreciated.

Conversations That Make You Think

I had three phones calls with one of my opportunities today.  She is very "red" and was peppering me with questions about features, pricing, and others that I just can't remember right now.  I've realized that I was not in control of the conversation and what happens when you're not in control is that you can make a mistake.  Those mistakes can be for pricing or features and once the mistake is made with a "red" person in most cases you can't take it back.

I had to find a way to grab control of the conversation and slow things down.  I was able to do that by giving the client an "atta girl".  I waited for the moment and then told her I was impressed with her knowledge and the need to get only the facts. There was a moment in silence and I then stated that we have many different features, price points and the best option is for me to get her a document that shows here everything she needs to know in a simple format.  It worked and now I have the time to research, do the pricing and make sure all is correct instead sparing with questions and answers.

-=Good Selling=-

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