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COVID19 Remote Working Day Two Hundred and Four of Selling


COVID19 Remote Working Day Two Hundred and Four of Selling Copiers

I will be the first to admit that it's been challenging to get the motivation back after Christmas and New Years break.  Tuesday was my first official day back at work, however I did put some time in on Monday to clean up and update my CRM.


I had about twenty opportunities roll to the new year and also signed a small opportunity for some accessories.  Thus January will be the month of starting all over for at least another season.  There are times when I have that internal struggle when I ask myself do I really need to do this for another year.  The answer always comes back as yes I still WANT to do this. I'm still a fan of learning, still a fan of making money and above all I'm still a fan of reaching another goal.

I expected nothing from yesterday, it was the day to assimilate back to the daily grind.  One of the first emails I received yesterday was that one of my roll over opportunities is ready to pull the trigger on a production color device in the next 45 days. In addition I was asked to provide answers to questions along with providing a quote for the new systems.  This opportunity has been in the works for about two years and there's been a model change since the first proposal.  I thought the best way to introduce the new color production device was to email the link for the device configurator.  This way the client could select the options that are desired or needed and then send that configuration back to me for pricing.  By night fall I had the configuration back. I'll be quoted on this tomorrow and putting a little extra incentive to order this month with placement for next month.

It was about 5:45PM when another one of my clients (not net new anymore) emailed me that they wanted a proposal for their third production in the last nine months. I was both happy and a little concerned that many of our promo's had expired for the end of the year.  However the client was made aware that pricing may change.  I'm somewhat confident that this will be a $60K order for this month.  Docs will be going out tomorrow for this client as well.

Thus 2021 seems to be off and running with a potential for a 100K month.  As of today I have 13 selling days left in the month.  Add the vacation days, the holiday, the closing for the end of the year and most Januarys are always a struggle for me.  But it's not something that's new and it's more about just running the race and not sprinting to the end of the year now.

New Jersey

Not much has changed as far as the pandemic.  We still stuck in a partial shut down and our Governor renewed his "Health Emergency" declaration for another 30 days.  Our case load of infections is averaging around 5,000 per day and at least vaccinations are under way.

I still see another 4 to six months of our Governor extending the health emergency.  Which means another 4 to six months of most offices not being populated. 

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