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COVID19 Remote Working Day Two Hundred and Fifty-One of Selling


COVID19 Remote Working Day Two Hundred and Fifty-One of Selling Copiers

At this point in time could we get to three hundred days? 

I'm so glad this week is over because I snagged another zero in revenue for the week.  It's been almost three weeks with no orders! 

As I mentioned a few days ago this is some light at the end of the tunnel but it seems the tunnel was a little longer than I anticipated.  Now I find myself with seven selling days left in the month.  There's an outside chance I might be able to scrape $30K or so together for the rest of the month.  Monday and Tuesday will mean another day of shaking the trees to see what I can salvage.

One item of note is that I've been able to develop three Managed IT opportunities in the last three weeks. In addition in the last six weeks I've been working two content opportunities.  That's a bit of a feather in the cap and much needed now since inventory is at a premium.   I guess there's another card in the deck to turn for me for learning something new.

Late yesterday I had a nice appointment with a net new account for five MFP's.  I can't speak much about it right now because of the the competition but I can say that the focus of the meeting was more about security/managing of the devices, the ability to remote fix the devices and more about our ability to manage those devices and provide real time data to the client.  It's a bit of a different spin for selling print devices, however with aggressive competitors you need to change the playing field.  Thus making myself different from the rest of the dog pack that will or has presented. 

Monday is also a busy day with two appointments in the field,  a virtual around mid-day and then a short training session late on Monday.  Initially I had a top in appointment planned for a net new however I'm going to push that until Wednesday because  I need a full day to make the calls.

So while things are not so good with orders the pipeline is there and as I continue to add to the pipeline I know that things will happen.  I need to be patient and let the ball travel.  Speaking of baseball I'll be posting up a video tomorrow that I did with Chris Polek where we discuss the similarities between baseball spring training and sales.

-=Good Selling=-

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