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COVID19 Remote Working Day Two Hundred and Eighty-Three of Selling


COVID19 Remote Working Day Two Hundred and Eighty-Three of Selling Copiers, ManagedIT and Content

Busy, busy and more busy.  Wish I could write more of these blogs each week however my day job has precluded me from that.

Quick updates tonight

We ended our month last Friday and what I predicted to be a boom of bust month ended up to be neither.  The rather large opportunity for $65K for an existing account went in the weeds on Wednesday and hasn't come out since.  In addition I wasn't going to be the one that seemed desperate to get the order, thus I've let the ball travel for yesterday and today also.  I'll call or email something late tomorrow.

I ended up with maybe $30K in revenue with one net new order and that's because I was able to turn an order at 5PM on Friday of last week.  Yes not a great month, and not a bad month, but more of a mediocre month. There's nothing I had more that being average. I was not made for average!

Okay,  so that larger order rolls to May and now it's go time for to see what else I can move down the road. I did pick up a verbal for a small A3 color today and those docs are going out in the AM.

Otherwise today was more about prospecting for the old guy.  In between two appointments (virtual), answering incoming emails, researching for potential opportunities I was able to send 20 prospecting email, 29 phone calls, created one opportunity and schedule one appointment.  Not bad for a days work and there are still 20 selling days left for May.

I was able to pick up a suspect off of Linkedin today.  I'm calling them a suspect now because I'm not sure why they accessed my profile.  However that suspect is in the AEC market and I'm suspecting maybe something with wide format.  That suspect was not even on my radar.  Now they are!  Call goes out tomorrow.

It's been a week and I'm still fighting some type of crappy cold. It's kept me tired, stuffy, and cranky for the past week. Couple that with a ****ty sales month and my wife tells me what a pleasure I am!  Strange she makes no mention of that when the big fat check comes home.

New Jersey

What can I say?  It was all over the news on Monday that our Governor had some MAJOR announcements for his press briefing that day. I was pretty pumped thinking just maybe he's come to his senses and will the lift gathering mandates, dump the masks and ditch the Emergency Health Order. His major announcements is that "he" was increasing out door gatherings to 50% and increasing sports venues by another 5%!  WTF


Half a day for me baby, taking off the rest of the day for some personal time to enjoy the better weather and get my head straight.

-=Good Selling=-

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