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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Twenty-Two of Sales


Ah day twenty-two which marks a full selling month of working remote.  No driving, no buying coffee, no traffic, no rude drivers, no tolls, no gas and not many buyers was the plot of month one.  Wow, could I really still be working remote for another month? 

Many times when I'm in the office and cutting it up with new reps I'll pose this question to them, "what type of day is it today?". Then I wait and wait and finally I'm told it's rainy, sunny, warm or cold. I then tell them the  correct answer, and that answer is always, "It's a good day to sell something!".

Did I sell something today?  Nope, but I did have an awesome 4PM Teams meeting that move my $35K deal a little closer to the finish line.  Friday will be the next appointment and I'm hoping we have a go. Absolutely nothing surprises me anymore, thus I'm still thinking this is a 50/50 shot with how the economy is right now.

However I think I did stick an extra feather in the hat this evening.

Tomorrow I need to work on a few additional data points for the prospect.  One of those data points was to do the research on cloud fax. Yup, I don't sell cloud fax but it was a good time to show the client that I'm working in their best interest and I'll do the leg work for you. From 5PM to 6PM I did the research (3 solutions) and then sent the email with my findings a little after 6PM. Low and behold I received a thank you around 8:30PM tonight.  I guess the prospect and I have something else in common and that's are workaholic nature.  If you're not working hard then your competition will out work you.

From 8:30AM until noon I worked on my special Teams meeting for existing clients for two weeks from now.  As of right now I'm waiting on an approval for the Evenbrite landing page I set up. The plan is to send out personalized invitations to one hundred existing accounts and prospects in the couple of days.  Then a test run at the end of next week.

After lunch it was back to calls and emails. In total I had about 22 calls, 6 emails, and two TEAMS appointments.  One for a QBR, one for IT at 9AM tomorrow and one for next week.

For most of us this entire remote aka virtual prospecting is something new, and there's a learning curve for those of us that are winging it.  Sales Service Guy posted a cool thread and link on my blog from yesterday. Here's the link to the forum.

It's some great content and I plan on listening to it tomorrow and over the weekend. It is has a good stretch of the legs in it, thus prepare for an hour.

Tomorrow has two training sessions along with prepping for two meetings of Friday.  BTW, if you're reading this I in dire need of dealer pricing or Canon Production, Xerox Production and Kyocera Production. I'll comp a one year Premium/VIP membership in exchange and you'll also get an invite to my secret stash.  Hoping you can help

-=Good Selling=-

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