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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Twenty-Six of Sales


Tell me how this happens?  My wife starting ordering food from a local company in New Jersey.  I like it, she likes it and we're pleased with the service and the food.  We started using them at the end of last year so it's not a COVID19  thing.  One of the things I like is that in every book there is a recipe, instructions and a gloss brochure.  Yup you guessed it..., the documents are printed in color and it means potential prospect! Maybe production also.

Inspection of the box provided no phone number to call, inspection of the documents that were shipped provided no phone number.  No worries I'll hit up their web site right?  Nope no phone number there either! Okay do a google search for the phone number and nothing. I searched and searched and it seems they do not publish a phone number.  WTF

There's no way I can drive there and pay them a visit, and some quick searches on Linkedin got me two 3rd level contacts.  Problem is I don't have the Premium Linkedin and Linkedin wants $60 for one month. Mind you I spend money when I have to, but I still can't get past the company not having a published phone number.  Thus I will be contacting them through their "contact us" page.  I just need to think of a crafty email to get a response. One of my jobs for tomorrow.  My little rant of the day.

Today was a busy meeting day for me.  Three on tap but only one for an existing client.  All three of the meetings took up the entire morning.  However the one client meeting did produce another opportunity!  Nothing right away but something for the 3rd quarter of this year.

Today is rant day for me and here's another one.  We're allowed to go to convenience stores, allowed to shop for food, allowed to go other essential stores, but the caveat is that everyone needs to wear a mask. I have no problem with that. Yes,  we all look a little lame with those masks on but that's the price we pay to be safe.  So what is the problem with not opening up the economy with those caveats in place. What's wrong with going to the park, the beach, or the gyms as long as you have a mask on and are being socially responsible? 

The problem lies with the elected officials and the fact that they don't trust us to be socially responsible (key word here is social).  I tell you when this ends we're all going to find out that COVID19 was here in mid December. I get it enough with the rant. I want my freedom back.

My afternoon was all about trying to move some deals forward. I was able to secure another appointment late in the say with a pre-COVID19 opportunity. I was not able to turn the tide for the order because the clients owns the existing mfp and he's right in waiting it out a bit more because the mfp is working.  It's just old.

Phone call after phone call, email after email a check mark went next to every opportunity. I keep check marks next to every opportunity so that I can see the seven touches. Those seven touches are suppose to help you get closer to winning the order and establishing a deeper relationship.  The only thing I got was an appointment to an assessment for BDR, however that kinda floundered when I was told my contact did not have admin rights to the servers (that's another story for another day).

My $35K deal is out there still, however one of the principals is out sick. I found that out today, not sure if it's COVID related or not. I'm hoping it is not.  There's a follow up in place for tomorrow.

Tomorrow has me down for one meeting late, other than researching one of my new opportunities it's going to be a day of calling and emailing.  My CRM has never looked so good!

Another day another dollar, looking forward to tomorrow!

-=Good Selling=-

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