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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Twenty-One of Sales


Another day, another dollar.  Actually a great reminder that we can make what ever we want when we want.  I may need to bag that for the better days that lie ahead.

Our brilliant Governor just extended the "stay at home" order until May 20th! That's what I heard on the news today. I need to double check that, and if it's true I'm thinking that he'll be bumping heads with our President in the near future. Says he'll re-evaluate the states progress at that time. 

We need to open the state back up before there are no jobs to come back to.  In addition I heard another other statement on the news that seven of the northeastern states have banded together to perform their own assessment of when the region can open the economy.  That can get real interesting to see where something like this could go or backfire.  Enough on that.

Today was pretty cool because most of the day was dedicated to prospecting via the phone and email.  For those that I got through to, all were happy to hear from me (it was an existing account call day).  By the numbers I made 42-45 dials, sent 30-35 emails (not counting the incoming I answered) and set three appointments.  Two were for those existing accounts that I'm hoping to close this week and the other was for some tele training.  Overall a decent day.

Around 11AM we had our weekly sales TEAM meeting which went about an hour.  Of course there was lunch and then back at it for the afternoon.

I also spent some time on thinking how I can get clients, and prospects more engaged with some on-line meetings. The one I mentioned the other day has some merit. That was the one where I just invite clients for an open chat session about business in general. All good, but I really need to sow the seeds for future orders.

It was back to the drawing board again. Now what I think I'm going to try is a ZOOM or TEAMS meeting based on the theme mobile strategies.  In that meeting I'll pick out three technologies that could help businesses operate more efficiently with some of the technology that I have to offer. I'm thinking I could do ten minutes on each and bring in two other people for their ten minutes. I would handle PPDM, one of my other support peeps would do content management and the other would be for unified communications.  I would also use Eventbrite for the invitations and the registrations.  Using Evenbrite will help me develop the email list.

Anyway you slice it, it's going to be a fair amount of work to pull it off.  I'm sure we'll need to have a few minutes about the desired content and then have a short test.

This may not be the best or the worst idea, but it is something that can separate us from other sales people in our space.  Now more than ever we need to be the technology guru's that our clients want to turn to.  Holding events like these can be that difference maker. Am I going to give it shot, damn straight I am because what do I have to lose buy time? 

Time is now on my side!

-=Good Selling=-

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