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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Twenty of Sales


Okay, okay I did put a few hours in on Good Friday, however I made sure I finished up before noon. Good Friday was a listed company holiday but I wanted to put in the extra time since the company I work for has always been there for me.  Those are those months and or quarters when you kind of suck and aren't getting the job done.  We'll all had them and most of us are experiencing it right now.

Looking back on last week I was about to book $20K in revenue. Looking forward I've got a shot at getting $48K.  Right now it's 60/40 and there's still 4 work days left in the week.  Speaking of work days were you aware that there is an average of 22 work days each month?  Today marks twenty since I was optioned to working from home.  Two more days make an entire month! 

Jersey is starting to see a flattening of the curve, yay!  Does that mean we'll be brought back up to the team any time soon.  The answer seems to be NO, our nanny State of New Jersey stills sees another 30 days of this.  The question then becomes who and when will be allowed to go back to work. I mention "who" because there's been rumors thrown out there that those of us that are at high risk (meaning those over 55) would be required to work from home.  Under 55 and no underlying conditions means you're back on the team.

My personal opinion...., I can do this remote stuff, but I do need to get back on the road and meet with clients and prospects.  But will prospects and clients want to meet with sales people right away?  I mean with the virus still going around will they have new rules for who comes and goes?  Your guess is as good as mine, however I think that they'll be quite a few worry warts and the first time I sneeze or cough in an office will be the real test.  Can anyone say, I've been thrown out of better offices than this?

First and foremost early today comprised of a few follow up emails to two of those prospects that I wrote about for this week.  I was looking to set the stage for some Wednesday meetings.

At 11AM it was time for Monday Morning with Ricoh, this weeks theme was about unified communications.  Took some notes, captured some slides and will be attacking some new prospects in the next couple of weeks.  One thing I can tell you is that this remote working is giving me additional time to work on those projects I never seemed to have the time for.  Meeting lasted about 45 minutes and that meant it was time for lunch.

At 12:30 we had a two hour long webinar for training. After 2:30PM was a short break, made a few more calls, a few more emails and it was time for the NJ Teams meeting. Later in the day I had a short 4PM with Tim our VP of Sales.

Yes, not the toughest day but I was able to move stuff forward. Tomorrow is an entire day of calls and emails.

-=Good Selling=-

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