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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Twenty-Nine of Sales


Another day another dollar, you never know what tomorrow will bring you, the harder you work the luckier you get. 

If you're a consistent follower of my blogs you'll see that I use those statements quite often when blogging.  I've never shied away from hard work in fact I quit high school in mid-way through the 11th grade because I wanted to make money.  Yes,  I had the desire and the determination to make money but I was missing one key factor.  At sixteen I didn't know how to work hard or maybe better yet I had no idea of what hard work was.

It was luck that one night David came over to me and asked me if I wanted to help unload a produce truck one night.  For the next 5 years I put in 12 hours days 7 days a week except for Sundays. Sundays were half days working from 6AM until Noon.  That first real job was were I learned what it's like to work hard and how to work hard.  I took many bruises and bumps in that journey while working for that family.  They were hard workers, they knew how to make a profit and never lost sight of their goals.  It was the work ethic that they taught me that carried me for the rest of my life.  I know I'm not the smartest person out there but given the chance I will outwork everyone else.

All of this leads me to this morning.  Remember the $36k deal that was still in the weeds?  That deal produced a verbal in the AM to move forward and 5 minutes before 5PM I had the order docs in hand.  Even before I had the verbal on the $36K deal I had an email a little after 9AM for a verbal on the $26K deal.  The $26K was the one I thought would move next week.  There was still a few odds and ends I needed to work on for that deal and there will be one more meeting on Monday. It's not done yet but looking good.

Not a bad day right?  Too bad it was a day late to count for the month.  On the bright side it's a nice jump start for April.  Just maybe by Monday night I'll be at $62K and I still have another $60K to try and wrap up for next week.

If some one were to ask me how I got to this point (which no one has), I would tell them that it's about the effort you put forth on daily basis.  In addition I could not have gotten to this point without the support of the people I work with and the dealer principal.  While other companies in our industry have laid-off and furloughed sales people, our dealer principal put his faith in the team and we have responded.  In uncharted territory and unparalleled times our sales staff nearly notched $200K for the week! 

We will continue to work, continue to make the effort, and garner new accounts while our competitors shrink. Bad news travels quicker than good news and those companies that did not place their faith in their team will soon be distant memories in the eyes of their clients. 

Yeah,  I kinda went off there for a bit. I'm no soothsayer but I've been around the block enough to know what the future can hold.  Right now I think we've turned a corner and we're not looking back. There's no reason why we can't turn this event of a lifetime into a positive business initiative.

Everyone have a great weekend.  Bring on Monday!

-=Good Selling=-

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