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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Twenty-Five of Sales


The end of the day was pretty cool for me.  After 5pm I had the chance to speak with a dealer principal out on the West Coast.  Yes, things are just as bad out there as here in New Jersey.  But we really didn't speak about COVID19 that much, instead our talk was about how the industry has changed in ten years and where are industry is going in the next ten years.  It's always great to hear from dealer principals that still have the desire to go after it in this business!  Yes, there are still good years ahead for us.

Today was more about prepping for meetings.  A 10:30AM meeting with a client tomorrow and I wanted to make sure I knew the last four months of volume along with the last month. Those drops were awful, in fact the volume dropped 98% for both black and color, thus I'm thinking that office is staffed by one of two people.  There's a trigger for this account since the end of the lease is six month outs, thus I wanted to make sure understood their pre-covid print volumes.

My second task of the day was to prep some data so I could call later in the day and get an appointment for a possible meeting this week.  I took the time to put together a short spreadsheet with what the client is spending now and what the costs would be to upgrade.  In this case the lease came out 15% higher, of course maintenance was down, but the kicker was on the wide format device that has 240K on the meter.  After emailing the file I was able to schedule another meeting for this week.  I believe I ended the day with not even a handful of calls or emails but snaked out three appointments.

Right now I'm going through all of my crumpled papers to see my notes from today.  Every day it's been about making a list of "to do's" accomplishing those tasks and adding more "to do's) to the list.  The list never ends.....

My third task was to nail down an appointment for a 60K opportunity.  I was able to schedule that with about a half a dozen back and forth emails.

The last item on my list was to co-ordinate with other peeps in my office for an event that's set to go off on the 29th of this month.  It's by personal invitation only. It's my plan to send out 100 invitations by the end of this week via email.

Tomorrow will start with a 9AM appointment with Jerry, then it's the 10:30AM with my client and then an 11AM sales teams meeting. It's going to be a busy day tomorrow!

I had someone ask me why I'm writing this blog series, the question was "what inspired you to do this?".  There's two reasons and I guess the most important reason is to give my self motivation for every day. Hey, I can't be writing about how I watched movies and napped all day can I?  The second reason is that I hope that some of you that are reading this can take something from each day.  Whether it's the motivation to keep on pounding or maybe something I wrote sparked an idea that could you help with a sale or prospecting.

The end result is that we all need to pay our bills and feed our family. I truly believe that our members our family, and family helps family through tough times.

-=Good Selling=-

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