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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Three of Sales


Starting today my wife is now working from home,  thus I had the pleasure of setting her office up in one of our spare bed rooms.  I really do hate being the IT guy at home.  Never fails that it's my fault that when there's a network or connectivity issue.

Never the less that telechat appointment I had for this AM cancelled early and rescheduled for next week.  The only saving grace to the day is that one of my clients asked me to provide them with final docs for a wide format MFP. Not holding my breath but maybe just maybe one good thing can happen to close the week.

One item that is starting to worry me a little is that I'm seeing more clients looking to purchase rather than lease.  I saw a lot of this back in late 2007 which was the time prior to the Great Recession. We can all hope and pray we're not going to see that again.

My day started off with those two emails that I just mentioned.  After I got the revised quote out the way I started on the last three sessions of the webinars that I was tasked with.  Just about an hour in to one of the webinars I received a text from one of my team mates needing help with the possible knock out of a KIP wide format with one our Ricoh wide format MFP's.

I probably spent about 30 or 40 minutes walking him through what I would look for in order to knock out a competitors device.  My team mate was also able to email me a copy of the current lease along with the cost per square foot. I'll try and get this up in our quotes section of this site on the weekend.  The reason why I want to post it is because I've never seen so many different cost per square foot charges for color.  The one missing item that we needed was the monthly volume of the current device.  Hoping we can get that tomorrow so it's doesn't linger.

Remember it's still the end of the quarter and the elephant is in the room waiting to smack down your deals. It's that time when manufacturers drop the crap out of their prices in order to hit their annual budget.  It also never fails that these deals end up making it to the clients desk also.  This time of year always presents some issues with some crazy pricing for hardware and cost per page.  

I went back to the webinars till about 11:45AM.  Along comes another email from another client I'm working on. There's a competitor in that account and dropping their pants to get the deal.  Alright I understand to many peeps that copier is a copier and they are all alike. NO, they are not all alike and in most cases there are reasons why the competitor has a lower price.  From 11:45 till about 1PM I worked on a side by side comparison for the client in an excel format.  It's my job to pick out the good, the bad and the ugly and present it. In this case there was a whole lot of UGLY with the competitors MFP.  Just about 6:30PM I received a copy of their quote which I'll review tomorrow and prep notes for Monday.

After lunch was CRM time! Oh how I love working on my laptop with that small ass screen for hours. My eyes took a beating today.

My goal was to clean it up along with gathering emails for my own constant contact campaign.  One of my goals is to weed out the crap, focus on the bigger stuff and grow my email list.  I spent the entire afternoon on this and by 5:30PM I gave up.  I'm probably going to have to spend another 3-4 hours on it tomorrow. The only saving grace about tomorrow is that it's going to 75 here in Jersey and the weekend is upon us.

The plan is now to educate, research, and build additional opportunities for the next three quarters.  I'm hoping by the end of March we're through this virus thing.

One other item, Ray S and I are scheduled for a 1PM video chat that he'll be posting on his YouTube channel. I'm thinking it should be fun.

-=Good Selling=-

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