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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Thirty-Two of Sales


Yay!  Our Governor is opening State and County Parks on May 2nd....with conditions with social distancing.  Getting to hate that "social" crap.  Many people are furious in New Jersey about the handling of the shut down along with not having the ability to get outside.  After pressure the Gov caved to the pressure. However, here's what I think, we'll have such an influx to the parks and beaches from knuckle heads (govs favorite word) and out of state peeps that he will close the parks on Monday. 

On one hand he is stating it's okay to go back to the parks, however if you don't behave we'll close them down again.  Actually a pretty savvy move on his part. He gave us what we wanted and will then blame the people when he issues the close on Monday. Now,  I may be wrong and I hope I'm not,  but I just got this funky feeling about this.

Before I start with what happened today. I want to share some notes I took from the MPSA COVID19 taskforce webinar today.  It was a one hour session and featured some prominent peeps from the MSP channel.

  • One major MPS company reported 29% decline in pages or revenue
  • Another major MPS company reported a 71% decline
  • Healthcare for one of those clients saw a 40% increase
  • More inquires from clients in respect to file sharing and content 
  • Expecting continuing decline for another 30 days in revenue and prints
  • First week of April they hit bottom and has stayed that way with no increases
  • Only 6% of those who applied for unemployment has received funds in Florida has received them


  • Good uptick in cloud based solutions for documents
  • One attendee wanted a robust cloud data collecting, stated there are no good ones out there
  • New sectors of business will flourish with post-covid19, other businesses will not return, we need to identify those that will flourish
  • Disposable menu's could be the next big thing for restaurants post COVID19
  • Major opportunity to grab market share from players who have shrunk their business or may not make it

Stuff I heard from the last two weeks

  • Much of the unpublished "cocaine" funds are exhausted from the manufacturers ( I use the term cocaine because the back end money is habit forming)
  • Pull back from published "take down" or "knock out" programs from some manufacturers
  • Marco laid off or furloughed 200
  • Visual Edge laid off or furloughed 500
  • Local dealers by me laid off an average of 80% of staff

Day Thirty-Two

Another good day in the books! Opened up my email about 8:15AM and I had a set of order docs waiting for me for three devices.  One 60ppm A3 color, one 30ppm A3 mono and a wide format.  Good day in deed! 

Since there were three devices and I'm working from my notebook PC with no extra monitors it took a lot of time to develop the docs, make the notes, do the config pages and get the order in.  I had an email back later in the day that I messed up some the accessories and did not sent the network connectivity doc.  It was my fault,  it's tough going when you don't have three monitors for the work, and a little tougher since I can't print anything. I have two monitors on my home PC, but connecting and disconnecting is a real pain since they are neatly corded together.

Another day of not much prospecting, I don't mind because of the order writing. I was able to pull off two meetings, one with an existing client (nothing happening there) and one for my Noon Virtual Demo I had planned on the 29th. In the next few days I'll be emailing that content to invitees that could not attend.

Everyday my VP asks me what I had for lunch.  Yesterday was a little jab when I told him about the sandwich. Thus today's menu was pea soup, a couple of crackers and some shredded chicken. There you go Tim!

I received the credit app for the net new $60k deal today. I held it until I had a chance to speak with my VP. Just wanted to review a couple of items.  We sent it off about 4PM, by 6PM we had our approval.  I wasn't suppose to have this back until Friday of this week. Tomorrow is now all about building the order docs, crossing the t's & c's and getting the documents to our prospect.  I'm hoping we can get them back by Friday of this week. In fact I will ask to get them back by Friday.  If you don't ask you don't get!

I didn't get the docs back for the smaller $7K deal today, thinking I'll have those by the end of the week also.  Just keeping my fingers crossed that all of this pans out for this week.

I need to get back to prospecting again, even though I have four appointments in for the the week I need to be at six or more.  Nothing else to report it's late and this old man needs his sleep.

One more item the Greg & Art show is on again for May 7th at noon EST. I posted the link in our calendar.

-=Good Selling=-

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