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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Thirty-Three of Sales


Yippee!  Tomorrow is Friday woohoo! 

Seems like Sunday will be the best day of the week and finally a day in the seventies.  Can you guess what I'll be doing?  Nope, not the beach since Sandy Hook National Recreation Area is still closed.  Give up yet?  My day will be spent pulling weeds and not the weed you smoke.

From about 5PM till about 9PM tonight I was thinking about what the frak am I going to write about tonight?  It's not an easy task to write every day let alone find that one thing you did today that could help others.

I found that in my first on-line meeting today.  It was not a demo, nor was it a meeting to talk about new services or copiers.  It was a meeting to help a client with their existing service invoice. About this time last year I upgradied an existing client from an A3 color mfp to an A4 color mfp.  Can we call than an upgrade?  The client had an older A3 mfp, services costs had been escalating over time and the system was not capable of communicating for scanning with their server.  The client was also very thrifty and that's a nice way of telling you about the client. After discovery last year we found out 11x17 was never used (just another case of an over sold A3 device).  The opportunity was there to lower ma/supply cost and save money on the lease.  Done deal

Yesterday an email comes in from the client asking questions about the renewal on the maintenance agreement. I answered and stated I would forward to are contracts person so I could use my time to finding prospects and closing orders.  I emailed the client back that and told them I had forwarded the email to that person in our office.  Late yesterday the client emails me again and wants to have a meeting over the invoice. In fact has to be first thing this morning.  I took the meeting for two reasons, one I had the time and two that little birdie in the back of my head reminded me that there could be an opportunity that might come out of this.  I was taught long ago that you don't run away from issues but rather confront them.  Seems I forgot about this when he first emailed me.

The call went better than expected about the maintenance agreement issue because I had prepped with having a copy of the maintenance agreement from the old A3 mfp and a copy of the one we sold with the A4 mfp. After a few minutes the client understood that they actually saved money with the new agreement.  But I wasn't stopping there and asked "why are you printing so much paper when you could be paperless?".  Which lead to a conversation about why they print, how the file, why they lose or misplace files.  After another 5 minutes I was able to finagle another meeting to show them a short demonstration for DocuWare.   Taking someone from nothing and turning it into an opportunity was the highlight of the day!

Three or four meetings in total today.  Two or three with clients and one was our internal meeting for IT training.  One new opportunity developed and one opportunity moved closer to closing.

I was able to get my order docs out for the $60K deal today and finally sent them at or around 3:30PM.  Hoping I can get the docs back for tomorrow, I did ask to have them back tomorrow also. Like I stated yesterday if you don't ask you don't get.

Not much prospecting again today because of the order docs, the meetings and there was quite the flurry of email activity today. By the end of the day I was planning my CRM for tomorrow and updating my list of things to do.

On a personal note today I was finally got my exercise bike to 25 minutes. That might not be a big deal to some but with changing my eating habits and exercising I've gone from a 40 inch waster (was probably 42 but I would never admit it) to a 36 inch waist!  It's been a slow process over the last year.  I got twenty pounds to go and I know those are going to be the hardest to lose.  The step after that is maintaining.  Just another goal on my list for 2020!

Hoping to have a great day tomorrow!

Right one other note I posted the recording of the MPSA webinar on our site today.  Here's the link below..

How are MPS Dealers Surviving the Impact of COVID19

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