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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Thirty-One of Sales


Every now and then we have one of those days. When I'm waiting for a deal to develop I'll calling it "waiting for the ball to travel". Let the ball get deeper before you hit that homer.  Today was one of those days that I waited for the ball to travel. What I mean by that is that I took a much needed mental day from prospecting.

Today was a perfect day for that since I had four meetings on tap. One was our weekly sales TEAMS meeting and the other three were with prospects.  In addition I had to develop another quote for an opportunity that I developed last week.  That opportunity is going to be for the third quarter however they need to get the quote now because one of the DM's will be out for sometime in the near future. 

All of the meetings went well, so well in fact that I received another verbal to move forward with the order.  Developing those docs and getting them out today took a little bit of time also.  Just a small deal for about $6.5K.  Thus this week or starting tomorrow I'm hoping to have docs for $6.5k, $26k & 60k.  Would be a good week right?

I mentioned this in a previous blog that even though you have a verbal they really don't mean you have the order, especially with not being able to visit the clients location.  It's that tortoise mentality that will win the day in these times. Slow and steady with constant points of contact every other day to guide the process to the finish line. I like where I'm at but I also know that anything could go wrong at anytime.

Tomorrow will be a day of prospecting and putting a couple of plans in place to get a few additional opportunities going. The plans are simple, what's the one thing that every company has in common right now?  Give up?  It's all about saving money, all companies what to save money when there is risk or uncertainty in the future.  ROI (return on investment) makes for a great selling strategy and that pitch of reducing costs will get you some attention.

Tomorrow it's back to my list of things to do.  That never ending tasking of adding and deleted from the list.  Prospecting by email, prospecting by Linkedin will rule the day.  It's late and I need a good jump for tomorrow.

-=Good Selling=-

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