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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Thirty of Sales


Mondays, whether you hate or love them Mondays can sometimes define your week.  Do you have a favorite Monday song?  Mine is "I don't like Mondays " by the Boomtown Rats.  Yes the eighties, yes I'm a boomer and yes the eighties was an incredible time to cut your teeth in the copier industry. 

I could write some stories that would rock your world because they surely did rock mine. Some of you reading this blog may have heard me tell you about the eighties and it's something I just may put in print once I'm retired or maybe I get around to writing that first book.

We heard from our Governor today and he offered no time frame for when we'll even try to open up the state.  He double talked and backtracked on a number of issues.

While I'm working,  I'll tune into his daily comedy fest and today's was a really good one.  Our Governor starts off with and I'm paraphrasing "The State of New Jersey is unified and stands with me", of course he was referring to his policies and decision making efforts.  While I'm watching the show on my iphone I can see the comments pouring in from everyone else who is watching also.  The amount of angry emojis was frightening!  If I were asked to guess about the percentage of haters to likes, I would say 85% were in the hating mode. I thought that was funny because he was the one who stated "NJ stands with me".

One other interesting item I picked up on was the need for safe places for those COVID19 patients that are quarantined. What I comprehended out of that is that the State of New Jersey would set up safe places.  WTF does that mean?  Did he mean quarantine camps for the sick?  I didn't stick around for the entire show however I did read that reporters were allowed to asked him questions this time around and he offered no reasonable explanations for most of the questions.  Just a real joke here in New Jersey.

This morning I worked on trying to finish up the documents for the verbal order I had a Friday. There was a lot to it since there were three devices and each one needed a configuration page. In addition I had to triple check that my pricing was right.  Even after forty years this old dog can still make mistakes.  Of course I had some interruptions and before I looked up with was time for lunch.

Tim, I had one sandwich that had three slices of chicken breast, one slice of cheese (smoked guoda) with mustard on rye bread. I also downed a couple of dill pickles.  Hope you are happy with the menu!

Forgot something, in the AM I also had to follow up and send those financing rates for the $60K net new deal. That's a deal that could go either way, but as they say you need to be in it to win it.

After lunch while still downstairs (my office is upstairs) I check my email and I had an email from the $60K net new.  The email read, "we'll go with the 60 month term, please tell us how to get this started".  Okay, Monday is getting somewhat better in fact I just may change my Monday song to "Manic Monday" by the Bangles.  Yes, another 80's song for the boomer.

Of course I'm not counting any of these, counting them now is something you never ever do.  The plan now is to keep moving them forward in small steps and to keep working some of the other opportunities.  Am I excited?  Somewhat excited but reserved also, anything can happen when you can't be on-site to get the documents.  I guess it's more about being the tortoise than the hare right now.

Tomorrow?  Couple of meetings, try and move the two deals forward and some prospecting. 

-=Good Selling=-

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We start back Friday. Governor supercedes our Dallas County judge who wanted until May 15th. Our office is in Dallas County though I live in one that has not been as restrictive. Power grabs and egos. The people are angry. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

@Kimberly posted:

Progress Art! Not so much for your governor!

Ty @Kimberly trying to get it done!  Our Governor is a real stinker.  He lives about 5 miles from me in a huge mansion on the Shrewsbury River.  On Saturday there was a car parade that drove past his house with horns, signs and they were all going 5 miles an hour.  He still didn't get the message

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