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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Thirty-Nine of Sales


For some reason sleeping last night didn't go that well.  I worked late and by the time I finished last nights blog my mind was running at full speed as I tried to get to to sleep. Too many deals in my head!

Last night my wife mentioned that she wanted to go see our granddaughter today. Am I bad guy?  All I thought about was how much I wanted to get done today.  I had a 1PM appointment that I moved to 3PM with a net new suspect late yesterday.  i made the time because it's what we do.

This morning I worked on a few emails, researched a few more accounts for possible opportunities.  After a few hours of not turning up much I moved to the meeting that was scheduled for an existing account for BDR.  Meeting went well because all I needed was a couple of questions answered about the existing BDR specs. A few minutes later I relayed that information to my team so we could finish the proposal.  Later in the day I scheduled another meeting with our existing client for Monday to review (hoping for another good day).

In the last few blogs I made mention of the $20K opportunity that was created yesterday after a late Wednesday night email.  In the response email yesterday I was told, "I need to speak to my partner and I'll get back to you" and in another sentence he was asking networking questions about the proposed devices.

Many years ago I learned from someone else is that if you hear certain words or questions that the client is considering your offer.  Years ago one of those questions that we listened for was "What's the warranty on your copier?" , that question means that the client is almost there.  When my client asked about the networking I knew we were close.  Thus later in the day I sweetened the pot with a little extra.

LETS DO IT, was the email I received from that client around 11AM this morning.  I sent my email response and stated documents will be coming over later today. Problem was I was going on a lunch date with my wife to visit our granddaughter.  I got the verbal, I knew it wasn't going anywhere and off we went to our lunch date.

By the time I arrived home it was about 2:30 and I had to prep for my 3PM.  That appointment went well, it did not produce and opportunity nor a prospect yet.  However it's that technology client that will bear fruit sometime down the road.

After the meeting it was time to develop the order docs for the sales verbal this AM.  I finally go them out about 4PM?  It's now the last hour of the day and I'm still waiting on docs for the $7.5K verbal I had yesterday.  By 5PM nothing, okay I thought, I okay with sitting at $19K for the week. By 5:15 or so I had the documents in hand.  Not a bad week at $26K and documents coming on Monday for another $20K. BTW our sales team broke $200K again for the week!  WOOHOO!

Sometime late on Monday I should be sitting at $170K for the month with eleven days left. My goal is another $30k and at this time I have no clue where it's going to come from. I've closed everything that was wiggling.

Now I know next week and the week after is all about prospecting.

Everyone have a great Mothers Day and a nice weekend!

-=Good Selling=-

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