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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Thirteen of Sales


I was hoping that day thirteen would be a lucky number for me.  It wasn't and I'm still hanging in their with zero orders since I started working remotely.

I had a tough time going to sleep last night, the mind was still running, thoughts of what to if this that or the other thing happens.  Even with two sleeping pills it was not a good night.  Think I finally dozed off somewhere in the 1AM area.

Thursday has started just like every other day.  By 8am I was at the PC and going through my CRM to start the task of calls.  It wasn't until 9AM that I got around to calling peeps.  I'm thinking I did about 50 calls and spoke to 10 people in total, of those 10 it was maybe 4 DM's.  But the plan was if I couldn't get the DM on the phone I would send an email. Thus it was phone call, leave a message, send an email, frakking boring!

Later in the day in the Arli webinar I was asked, "how to you get energized when things aren't going that well"?  My answer is that I'll play one song that always puts me in a good mood.  That song is "Mister Blue Sky" by ELO (Electric Light Orchestra), funny until a few years ago it was not was of my fav's.

I was a calling machine all the way up till about 2PM.  At 2PM I took my working lunch break to be a guest on Arlingtons Weekly Webinar Series. They started running that a few weeks ago when all of this **** hit the fan.  BTW Arlington is a sponsor of this site and please click on their banners or give them a call.  The support of our sponsors allows me to dedicate the time to share all I know with our members.  

We spoke about many of the same things that Greg and I covered this week. What's going on, where we are heading, what's working, whats not working. I tell you Arlington it also doing a nice job of updating everyone of COVID19 stuff on each of these webinars. I catch them ever week. Brent and Kelly are doing a great job.

My one deal for the bakers dozen lease did not move forward yet and the reason for that is because I did not push the issue.  Tomorrow I will make the push to get them to **** or get off the pot.  Tomorrow for me will be more of the same with contacting existing clients. 

One of the items that I'd like to finish this week is the creation of at least one more video with PPDM that I can send out as a virtual demo.

 I believe we also need to be making our own content that we can send out to clients at this time. I know that some of the copier manufacturers have simulators for their operation panels. 

Thus if you want to make a few all you would need to do is open the simulator on your PC or Mac. I then use SNAG IT to make a video. It's capture software that will record your voice and capture everything you do on your screen. One idea is that you could do a demonstration on how to scan and save to a msword doc and msxcel doc.  When you're finished you hit stop record, the file is then converted to an MP4 file.  You can then take that file and upload to Youtube.  From YouTube you can do anything, push to social media, send an email with the video.

The point of all of this is to stay relevant with our clients.  Show them that you are the guru in your space!  If any of you need help please send me an email.

-=Good Selling=-

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