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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Ten of Sales


Busy, busy day for me.  I started at 7:30AM and it's now 9:45PM, I figure I still have another 30 minutes or so to go.

One thing I noticed today is that the pace of industry press releases as slowed to a crawl.  Tomorrow marks the last day of the year for most copier manufacturers, I can only image the deals that are available for dealers right now. Yes, it's one of those years that will go down in the history of the industry.

Today was interesting to say the lease. I had 40-50 contacts in my CRM to tackle, most of them were earmarked to send an email.  Since I sent most of my emails last week I needed some different content.  I had just the content that arrived in my emails last week. A Print4Pay Hotel member from the west coast emailed me a link with a webinar recording.  That webinar was about the Federal Response for aid for medium and small businesses and how to apply for it.  This was awesome!  Content that any business owner would want to review (if you need that link please email me FYI, I did have about ten responses thanking me for the content. In addition I believe I nudged a couple of opportunities closer to coming home. Special thanx to Joe!

There was an additional 8-10 accounts that I did not have email addresses for and that proved to take some time in getting those. I was able to acquire 7 of those addresses and left the rest for tomorrow.

I did have a couple of phone conversations, nothing great but it was better than last week.

At 3:30PM I had a local NJ TEAMS meeting which was fine by mean, I was pressing all day and needed some time to wind down a bit.

The best part of my day was from 4PM to 5PM. One of my ideas is to give clients "video demos'.  Of course I can't demo a copier, but I can demo software!  I made my first video using snagit.  It took seven takes to get it as good as I could. 

What I did was to pick put one feature of the software and demonstrate how it's used. All in all the video time was three minutes or so.  When I finished I posted on my YouTube channel. The plan is to do three each week for the next four weeks. Here's the link if you want to check it out.

All in all a pretty productive day. Tomorrow I have a TEAMS meeting with our sales team. NOON TIME means Greg Walters and I will have a second chat session about " How to Sell Copiers in the Age of Corona Virus". You can register here and please get in early!

-=Good Selling=-

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