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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Sixty of Sales


While most of the US continues to open the State of New Jersey continues to plod at a snails pace. Our Governor lifted the "stay at home" order however still instructed the masses that it's not time to go back to the office. WTF!

A report surfaced last night that stated COVID19 could have been present in China as early as the summer of 2019.  Again it's just a theory but sounds reasonable since the article spoke about satellite surveillance of hospitals and the marked increases of vehicles. If that turns out to be the case then COVID19 was here in the US prior to December 2019.  There's my two cents on COVID19 for the day.

I've been contemplating ending this series of blogs at 66 days. Those 66 days would reflect a full quarter of working remote and in the pandemic.  Send me a note if or give me a response below if you would like to see me continue.  At this point in time and in NJ I still think we're at least another 6 weeks out from getting back to some sense of normal and people getting back to the office.  Let me know!

How long does it take to send respond to 61 emails and then send another dozen or so prospecting emails?  Seems it took the better part of the day for me because not only do you need to respond but in most cases there is time spent researching or providing the answers.  It's all my fault because I let the day get away from me and this happens because I didn't follow my own rules.  Emails do not have to be answered right away and I need to set aside time in the day for just answering incoming emails.  Anyway my day went to **** pretty quickly.

I did have the chance to get out the documents for the verbal $8K order I received yesterday. I was able to finally process the order that I received on Friday of last week, it took a few extra days because I was waiting on the client to send me pictures of the stairs.  Why is that most wide format MFP's need to go up a flight of stairs?

This brings me to my next rant of the day. Ricoh helps us out with these beasts did you ever think whats it's like to move a 507lb wide format up a flight of stairs?

My list of things to do today had 20 items on the list. I was only able to complete five of those. I was able to book an appointment in the AM with an existing client (possible upgrade) and added an additional opportunity today. An opportunity a day keeps the VP of Sales away!

My $14K opportunity is still in the weeds and I've not had a response to two calls and one email over the last five days. Yesterday and today was letting the ball travel with this account.  Tomorrow is a phone call and possible email follow up.

We had our Tuesday sales meeting today and it was pretty awesome since yours truly was King for revenue and missed being King for net new by a few hundred bucks.  It was my last day of basking in the glory and I'm now back to being the peasant. No place to go but up!

One of my initiatives for this month is to get back to writing a blog a week for my Jersey Plotters site.  I've logged two already this week and I'm looking for inspiration for others.  The good thing about this industry is that you'll always have something to write because nothing stays the same.  Maybe the next blog will be "Five Tips to Move a Wide Format Up a Flight of Stairs", betting that would get quite a few reads.

Tomorrow is almost a solid prospecting day with only one appointment. 

-=Good Selling=-

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@TML Thanx for support!  Yes, 30-45 minutes for one blog, sometimes easy to write and sometimes it's hard to find the right words.  All in all I enjoy writing them and trying to help others.  We're all in this together, we all love what we do and sharing with others makes us all stronger. 

Wide format installs, yup we probably do need to find a rigging company also.  Thanx again for the reply and hoping we can meet sometime in the near future.  How is the baby? 

Hey Art!  I’d be sad to see your daily posts go away, but I bet it’d be freeing for your time?  It’s always interesting to hear what you’ve got cooking and your words motivate me to keep grinding harder.  But with all you’ve got going on, I’d imagine a once per day post like you do takes half hour or more?

Its crazy how time just slips away from you isn’t it?  I had several phone calls today that should have been shorter and usually I would make them shorter, but you can tell the “work from home” component is starting to get to people.  Human nature is to want to interact and have relationships with other humans, and being forced to stay home and all the other social distancing crap has led to some lonely folks!  I know I appreciate a hand shake and dialogue in person a heck of a lot more these days!

I also appreciate the commentary on the wide format, moving the gear we sell SUCKS!  Those toner based plotters are no joke man.  I assisted with an install for a Canon imagePROGRAF mfp at a customers the other week and even those have some weight and awkwardness to them.  The manufacturers engineers make great products but don’t think about the people who have to maneuver them!  

We work with a rigging company and bury the cost in most times.  If it’s some small steps and the machines not too heavy we’ll do it ourselves, but there’s certainly a cut off.  There’s something to be said about paying a company a couple hundred bucks to have two guys  to show up, lug in the new one and haul out the old one.  They’re an invaluable service to us and have saved our butts on more than one occasion.  

Hope you finish your week strong and thanks for doing this!

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