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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Sixty Four of Sales


Today was not a good day for me.

It's not because I lost an order nor is it because something unexpected happened.  Today was a day when I couldn't get out of my own way.  It was a mental block that kept me from prospecting even though I had plenty of time available to prospect I didn't make the effort.

I've been thinking about this all evening as to what was bugging me or what was stopping me.  On all thoughts I came up empty. Was it me, was it something that was bugging me or did I burn the candle down to far in the last 12 weeks.  It went so far that I walked away from the computer grabbed a quart of stain and finished a project in the back year.  Two hours later I was back in my office and managed to make a few calls and emails.

I know better,  I've been doing this for forty years.  Yes and in those forty years I have events like this before,  You just get so worn down from the day to day events at times. One minute you're up and the next minute you're down. One month every line you cast brings in a fish and the next month your casts bring back nothing. I've been here, I've done this before, but today was a deja vu day.

So what will change tomorrow? This is something I need to kick in the ass right away. Today's woo is me event can't lapse into day two. I will take the day and get back to it.  At times  I think this type of struggle happens to all of us, there's no rhyme or reason why it happens right?  Could it be that my conscious knew I needed the break and that's what lead to the shutdown? That could be the answer and that's the answer that I'll take moving forward.

I did get documents for an existing account this AM for an $8K order.  My deal with another existing account is still in the weeds after another email today.  My wide format should order should have legs tomorrow also. Moving into the last six days of the month I've got a $20K net new opp that looks decent for this week.  The rest is all a cluster **** that I need to pull together in hurry if I'm to hit my $300K for the quarter.

I almost forgot it was about 3PM when I went to process the those order docs.  I opened to review and none of them were signed......thinking the client sent me the wrong docs.  Geesh what a day, I'm sure I'll have these tomorrow.

Wednesday of this week I'm off to one of our office to prep some prints  samples for a net new client.  This is the $30K opp if you've been following. I decided that I'm going to make the print samples so I can be in control of what I want to give the client.  Color is in the eye of the beholder and I can't risk having someone else think what might be good or good enough. If I'm going to lose it because I did the work and If I'm going to win it's because I did the work.

Looking for a better day tomorrow.  I know I do all the writing but has anyone else had says like this?

-=Good Selling=-

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@TML  thanx for the support and for the positive comments.  It's a struggle here in NJ since most offices are still closed and there's no date when offices will get back to full staff.  Of course that's making it much harder to prospect along with getting those that should upgrade to upgrade.  

Art, don’t feel alone in your mental block yesterday.  It happens and in our profession, sometimes it’s meant to happen for a reason.  With as much hard work as one should be putting in, sometimes a weekend isn’t enough to mentally recoup especially if you’ve had work on your mind.  I’ve found myself in these situations before and have found that in the days to come after, I’ve rebounded stronger and it felt like the winds of positivity were beneath me.  

Despite knowing to the second how much selling time there is in a month, you always have to respect that your motor sometimes needs the foot off the gas to get some rest both mental and physical.  Hope your project went well for you and today’s a better day than yesterday!

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