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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Sixty Eight of Sales


New Jersey is now in full swing for Phase Two opening. Our Governor announced today that in-door dining will start on July 2,  in addition Casino's can now open in Atlantic City that day. The caveat because there always is one with our Governor is that a maximum of 25% occupancy.  Most businesses are open with conditions for occupancy,  health clubs, gyms, and pools are still closed. In addition most business offices are still closed.

The statement today centered on people behaving, if we behave with masks and social distancing more will open in the coming weeks rather than months.  It was mentioned that our Governor had reports of crowds at the beaches, no masks and no social distancing.  He then stated that if we don't behave he will pull back on re-opening.  Yes it is a tough state to do business in these days.

With one day left in the month I probably going to finish in the $265K range for the quarter.  Far short of my $300K goal.  Would have been nice to hit it, but certain things just don't pan out the way we want them to.  I'm happy with the effort and the numbers for the last three months.  What I thought was going to be a **** show quarter turned out to be my best month and my best quarter in the forty years I've been doing this.

I had a couple of follow ups today and the most important was one of the news for $20K.  In an email I asked if there were any additional questions along with the statement that we'll be closing our June books on the 23rd.  I did not beg for the order, all I implied was the month is closing.  In an email a few minutes later my DM stated that he thought I needed everything by the end of this week.  The reference for the end of this week is because of the time constraints we have with deliveries and Phase 2 in PA & NJ.  I replied that all is good it it happens tomorrow that's great and if not the end of the week is great also.  That email pretty much told me that yes we're getting the deal, however there's some finishing touches that DM needs to finish up.

I was able to add a small opportunity for about $6k that should be an order in July.  Right now I have 28 opportunities working for July, if we ever open up the state July could also be a super month.  As of now I'll be happy with making sure I have my quota and anything else will be a bonus.

I really didn't do anything special today except prepping for the new month.  Which means updating the CRM, rescheduling calls and weeding out some of the crap.  Tomorrow I'll process the one deal, pray for another and get to work on designing  a constant contact email to go out on the 24th.

One other note, I an email request from a Print4Pay Hotel member asking what I though of their email for obtaining an appointment.  Before I post it, I thought it would be great to see what others are doing and what we can share.  I've posted a lot of what I've been doing with emails and would like to hear from others. 

Please post in the reply and tell us whats working for you!

-=Good Selling=-

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@TML  Thanx for the reply. It's interesting about how we check and deal with incoming emails.  For me it's completely opposite because I will drop what I'm doing to address the email and then move on.  I'm sure there others like me but probably more like you. 

I've been more successful with emails rather than phone calls, and that's probably because I have some long standing relationships with many accounts.  However every now and then I will turn the tide with a phone call and get the appointment.

FYI, we do have a secure forum for Premium/VIP members if you want to check it out. Of course on the premium side there's not as many of us and most are scattered across the globe.  Here's the link

I feel like sharing our emails that work for obtaining appointments is something that should go to a private chat.  Not knowing what competition abounds on this forum, it'd be like giving away our secrets to getting in on a deal.  

I've found a simple, quick intro followed up with a request has worked.  Getting into specifics if you have them from your CRM has gotten traction, but it all really depends on the customer.  One big thing, in particular these days, is the fact that I'm sure DM's or influencers to the DM have been FLOODED with emails.  I've stressed making the phone calls.  While you may get caught for longer than you have allotted yourself for the call, it's a good connection and everyone wants to talk to a new human being during covid restrictions.  


Last, but most important, is the fact that email is just a fraction of a touch.  I think about how I manage my own inbox settings.  If i'm busy and get an email from someone I don't know with an ask/offer that isn't what is on my current task list, I'm more apt to leave it unread to check in to later.  Or read it and not respond.  If we're emailing, there has to be some follow up action.  How soon after the first email are you calling/stopping/MAILing them something?  Are you sending two or more emails prior to the other forms of touches?  Email's great for a lot of different things, but (and it's just my humble opinion) in todays constantly connected society a handshake (elbow bump?) or phone conversation could help you get farther from the jump.  


But, a private P4P'er blog would be where I could see others sharing more of their tips for success?  Be well and happy selling!

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