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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Sixteen of Sales


This blog will be one of the longer running blog series. NJ just locked down for another 30 days, that statement from the Governors Office came today. In addition an additional lock down was placed on all county and state parks. 

While it seems that the infection rate is slowing down, the media is mostly giving us the bad along with a few specs of hope here and there.  I follow the numbers on a daily basis but I'm somewhat concerned that more peeps will be out and about as the better weather arrives.

Told my wife today that when this clears just you and me are going out.  For the last four weeks we've been feeding three other peeps each night for dinner.  That's a story for another day.

First thing in the AM I tackled developing my order docs for yesterdays order of the wide format mfp. Developing order docs from the home office is not an easy task since I was used to printing them and then scanning them off.  Yes, the process of printing is much easier that editing files, savings files, and then merging files to have one complete document.

It was then time to follow up on some emails. One of those emails was from a client looking for credit since they haven't used the copier. Rather than telling them that there's still a cost whether you use the copier or not I opted to send this to admin and let them sort it out. Actually this person at this account tends to try to beat me up a few times a year and I wasn't in the mood for a fight.

11AM rolled out pretty quick and it was time for our monthly TEAMS sales meeting.  We're still moving copiers and selling IT, maybe not as much as before but our sales peeps are doing a great job with the current conditions. It all comes from the top and the dealer principal is doing what he does best to keep moving forward and doing the grunt work to help us succeed. In addition our VP of Sales is doing a great job of keeping the moral up, allowing us to be creative and helping to get the job done.

After lunch we had a two hour training session for all of the reps. All I can say is it was dedicated to finding additional opportunities for a market we had just dabbled in before. I found the presenter to be excellent and looking forward to round 2.

We finished up a little after 3PM.  I need to take a break from the screen. By 3:30PM it was time for our NJ Teams meeting.  From 4PM to 5PM it was time to make a few additional calls and send some more emails.

Today was pretty good because I was able to schedule three virtual meetings for this week.  One for tomorrow, then Thursday and one Friday.  Friday's may not pan out because I forgot all about Friday being Good Friday.

Tomorrows plan?  More prospecting, more emails and I set aside a couple of hours to make some additional videos.

-=Good Selling=-


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Isn't it crazy how quickly the time flies when you're working remotely?  I feel like at least once I day I look at the clock and in confusion say is it really 1pm ?!  This is certainly very interesting times.  One thing I think you touched on in a blog post is the fact that it also gives you time to do things that are important to sales but not A-time important.  I've found in working with my sales team we've been able to do some real good clean up in our CRM (bad data went in, we're getting that to good data now), it's giving us a chance to simply check in with customers like you've mentioned you're doing and it is giving us a little more time to learn about other products/services from our partners.  

My wife spoke with some girlfriends up in the Hoboken area who have friends on the front lines.  Very scary how it's slamming that NY/NJ area as badly as it is.  This friends sister was a nurse on a floor that cared for people who had hip/knee replacements and other of those types of surgeries.  Almost overnight she went from a nurse caring for those patients to a COVID care floor.  Unbelievable the stories she told from a first hand account of whats really going on inside those walls.  

I appreciate hearing from you everyday Art and am glad for people like you who keep trying to pump the positivity into the world with what you're doing for the day!  I'd be remiss if I didn't add an attachment of my "coworker" helping me


Stay well my friend and keep plugging away!


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