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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Six of Sales


Day Six and not much relief in site in New Jersey.  We're still in lock down mode and now have the second largest number of infections in the US.  There's a few cluster of infections in New Jersey that keep growing at an alarming rate. 

As of today there are no infections in the town where I live, however I don't think that will hold up much longer since more surrounding towns are reporting higher infections.  Maybe the only savings grace is that we have the Ocean to east and the Bay to the north. In addition it's not beach weather yet.

My day consisted of a few follow emails in the AM. After that it was off to the races with content management training.  After failing the first test twice with a two zero's I opted for the old fashioned way of reading, listening and writing notes. After about 30 minutes I was intent on learning as much as possible about the processes, the workflow and the marketplace. I was interrupted with a call from an existing client about 10:30am. Hey, whenever my cell rings right now I'm happy to answer. In fact I was even answering calls from telemarketers!

After that call I took a break and went outside for twenty minutes or so.  You just can't be staring at the computer screen all day long. I live on a highway close to the Ocean and my back yard gives a breath taking view of the ocean, the bay and New York City.  Out front is the highway, I was astonished at the amount of traffic on the road. Only essential businesses are suppose to be open, yet why are so many on the road?  My guess, this is why the infections continue to grow along with the testing that's now being done in Jersey.

I was back at training up until lunch. My lunch today was a working one, I attended a webinar that went into detail as to how accounts, web sites and businesses get hacked. Not that I'm going to become a hacker, but rather that I want to increase my knowledge on the subject matter.  Right now it's all about change.  Even though I love the copier industry I know I need to broaden my horizons.

Can you believe this?   At 4PM I was finally finished with all of the courses and the tests.  After putting up a couple of crooked scores I PASSED and earned by degree!  I was so excited that I posted it on Linkedin and after this blog I will add it to my profile.  That's a hint everyone, we need to keep updating our profiles and stay alive on social media.

After 4PM it was time to start prospecting again.  I've got about 100 or so that I need to roll through and got about ten done before I called it quits.  All of my contacts were via email, I also took the time to move accounts to a later date that I know are closed.  Out of the ten emails I sent I had six replies, now that's pretty good. My emails were to just check in (those Linkedin guru's will tell you never to check in), but my emails were more about "hey, how are you, how is your family, be well in these crazy times".

Tomorrow starts the real work, sifting though my stale opportunities and figuring out who is open and who is closed.

Don't forget tomorrow is another working lunch for me and I'm having a teleconference with the KING of MPS (Greg Walters) and our discussion will be about "How to sell Copiers during COVID19". Again it's not scripted, there's no cost, and we're not selling a book.  Here's the link if you want to register


We've got more than a hundred registered and I'm hoping we can all comes away with some additional ideas to make it happen.

-=Good Selling=-

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