COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Seventy Three of Sales


When I posted a blog on Friday of last week I had no intention of writing one today.   My thoughts moving into this week was to post the most important press releases, answer some topics and take a much needed break from both jobs. That also meant no Monday night email update.

As sales people are we every really on vacation?  Before email and the internet vacations were easier and that's because we really weren't  connected like we are today. I can still remember when vacations were real vacations no email, no cell phones, no computers. Now vacations are merely time off when people are not expecting you to work, however if you want to make the bucks then I guess we're always working in some fashion.

I had a few things to clean up this AM.  One was to process the small A4 order and other duties included following up via email with some opportunities that may have legs this week to close.

It was Saturday in about mid-day after pulling weed duty that I checked my email and saw that email.  The email was simple "cancel". It was from an account that was suppose to have a delivery last week, however due to a truck issue we had to reschedule.  I remained calm and thought WTF happened? I continued to scroll down and saw an email from our AR person about a snafu with the account that stated cancel.  Mind you this is Saturday mid-day now, my AR person emailed that account (and me) back and then placed a call to that account to clear things up.  Before I could do anything she had already straightened everything out and all was well with the account.  Now she probably won't read this but I thought a public shout out was in order for going above and beyond for the best of the company.  Awesome Job!

It was about 9:30AM and I already logged a couple of hours and was just about to wind down when I received a call.  That call turned about to be a referral (I do love referrals) and they were in need of replacing an ancient Xerox copier.  No time like the present, I asked if he had time for a quick meeting, the answer was yes and the proposal will be going out on Wednesday of this week.  I have no problem with doing the quote tomorrow night.

Thus my first day of vacation ended up with logging almost three hours.  The rest of the day was filled with errands, more weeding and then relaxing in the sun.  The only thing I had missing for the afternoon was a cold beer and tequila.   Drop the tequila in the beer and it's my favorite on a hot afternoon.  The beer and the tequila was taught to me by Ernersto while on a Presidents Club Trip in Cabo San Lucas some seven years ago.  It's now my go to drink during the summer.

Tomorrow will be work or vacation?  I had some things to do in the AM and hope I'm done by 9AM.

-=Good Selling=-

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