COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Seventy of Sales


The big 70! 

Since the weather has turned nice I find my self waking up earlier than every before.  This morning it was 5AM when I grabbed a cup of coffee and then sat in the back yard to see the sun rise over the ocean.  This morning was a little different from the others because I dozed off on the lounger after a half over or so.  I was brought back to reality when I felt a thump on my chest and was there was Angus.  Angus came to us a few years ago and adopted us as her people and yes she is a female cat and yes I named her Angus.  There I was face to face with Angus and she was sporting a dead mole in her mouth!  Guess she just wanted to show me what she caught.

By 8AM I took the long commute to my home office, gotta love no traffic,  no tolls, no gas to buy and the extra time I have every day.

This morning I had a 10AM appointment with an account that was about an hour away. I left the house at about 8:30AM because I promised the wife I would take her car for any oil change.  I've been going to the same place for the last ten years for those oil changes and every year I see a new printer that was purchased.  In every case it's one of those cheap A4's that are $400 bucks or so.  Today the old printer had been replaced with a Brother A4 MFP.  Every transaction produces and invoice for the client.  I would tend to think they do 300 plus oil changes or services every day.  Yes, I've tried to talk to them about getting a better product, however the owner is never there and it's been difficult to track that person.  I've got bigger fish to fry and get a chuckle every time I see a new device.  My paper invoice from today had dark shading along the left side of the invoice.  Thus where the toner cost per page is about 3 cents for clean pages they are probably paying double that and don't even know it.  I had another one of those chuckle moments when I saw the invoice.

I spent a good hour at my appointment today. A few weeks ago we replaced and A3 color with an A4 color and upgraded the wide format MFP.  Today was a discovery meeting to find out more about if they were a prospect for IT services.  After the first 20 minutes I saw a couple of issues with someone needing licensing information for Adobe, (they didn't know where it was) and then a printer driver issue that was of the employees was trying to fix.  After forty minutes I found out that they don't meet our minimums for IT services.  I think it was seven PC's and one server, however I did develop and opportunity to replace one of the smaller black A4 devices that's not working.  Small opp but everything counts to get to where I need in July.  Short month means everything is fair game.

While at the meeting I received a verbal from one of the net news that I'm working on. I believe it's $20K or maybe a little less.  I replied asap to that email and stated I would send the docs in the AM tomorrow.

My afternoon was filled with furniture hunting with my wife for our apartment. After three years it's complete and now we need to add furniture because out plan is to rent it out for weekends or a week at a time during the summer.

Tomorrow will be busy with another appointment (remote), develop the order docs and then catch up on prospecting, follow ups and I still need to create my constant contact email.

Yay, two days till vacation!

-=Good Selling=-

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