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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Seventy Four of Sales


Well another blog I did't think I was going to write this evening. 

Late in day I was able to catch a news interview with our Governor.  This is the same Governor that shut down indoor dining the day before it was scheduled to open yesterday.  He puts the blame on other states that are seeing infections increasing because those states have opened indoor dining. Thus he elected to shut it down.  He also based the decision on activities from the last weekend where many bars were packed and peeps not adhering to his social distancing.  To top it off he also stated (paraphrasing), that he does not know when any indoor activities can take place. That would mean health clubs, gyms and offices.  The offices part was the one that got me.  The statement was made that indoors with air conditioners is a recipe for spreading the virus.

Who knows maybe I will be working remote till.... the end of the year!  

I was up at 5AM got some coffee and enjoyed the sunrise over the ocean again.  By 6:30 AM I was at work preparing a proposal for a net new client for $10K.  I was able to send that off about 8AM and also secured and appointment with the client for early next week.

I thought I had an on-site appointment for 10AM today (yes I scheduled one on vacation), turns out it's for Thursday of this week. The appointment is to help the client prep for their new copier coming next week.  My job is to make sure the files on the hard drive are saved and then populated on their new copier.  I know I could have pawned this off on someone else, however I want to make sure it's a smooth transition for the client.

By 10AM I was finished for the day, however I did tune into our weekly sales meeting for about 30 minutes,  We had another awesome set of revenue numbers for last week.  Nice way to finish the quarter for those peeps.

I'll be putting in a couple of hours in the AM tomorrow.  Today was "let the ball travel" for two of the net news that will be making decisions this week. In the AM I'll be sending a few emails to see where we are.

In addition I received another lead from my Jersey Plotters site, I'm so glad I started this three years ago. It took some time but if paying dividends now.

The rest of the day is going to be dedicated to working on my tan and relaxing!

-=Good Selling=-

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