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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Seventeen of Sales


Before I get started on my day I'd like to share a Youtube video from BTA and Brent Hoskins.  BTA has some excellent resources for dealers to navigate through these tough times. COVID19

Today in New Jersey we had our highest one day death toll to date. I believe it was somewhere around 246 souls that passed in the last 24 hours.

Today our Governor notified us that all non-essential construction will be shut down as of Friday at 5PM.   There goes the next to last bit of the economy that was still chugging along in New Jersey.  Hate to say it but it looks like we're in this for a long time.

Yay!  No webinars today, which allowed me to play catch up with phone calls and emails. On a good note I received another order this morning for about $9k in revenue, again not the best of orders but any order is a good thing right now. 

I believe I made somewhere in the are of 40 some calls and sent around 15 emails.  Looking back I may have spoken to five people or so.  The plan right now is to try and pick as much as I can from 27 opportunities that I had for the first week of March.  Thus working on those and continued prospecting should keep me in decent shape, not great but decent.  One item I keep telling prospects is that we are getting orders and many of those orders can't be delivered yet.  Thus if you have a lease due or need a new device as soon as this breaks, then it's a good idea to get in line now.

After 3PM I had to prep for a 3:30PM TEAMS meeting with a client tomorrow. Rather than showing my confusing spreadsheets I'm going with a few short slides that list some bullets points that will get my message across.  It's that time you spend prepping that will help an on-line meeting go smoother.

Other than what I just wrote about there was nothing outstanding or unusual from the last 16 days.  I did get a chance to speak to my good buddy Monte a few minutes ago.  Monte sells out in Cali and is having a rough time of it also. 

At this time we all need to share as much as we can help each other get more educated and share ideas as to whats working and not working.

Tomorrow?  Finishing touches on my slides, prospecting again the AM.  After lunch for the two hour webinar and then the on-line meeting with a client.

I will get through this just as I know all of us will.  With a few orders in the books I'm thinking dang I might be able to hit my quota this month!

Forgot!  Tomorrow at Noon is the Greg & Art show! It's my working lunch and there's still time to register here. Would love to have you on the call, we changing up the format a bit and will be opening the mic up to others so we can share our collective knowledge!

-=Good Selling=-

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