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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Seven of Sales


Seems every morning is identical to the last one.  What keeps flashing through my mine is Bill Murray and Groundhog Day.  Still no end in site for the lock down in the tri-state area.  The infection rates continue to increase each and every day.

Enough about the bad stuff. Let's focus on the good stuff. 

Today was CRM day and what I called soft prospecting today.  The first course of action was to weed out the crap (all the small stuff) and maintain a better focus on those larger accounts. I admit that sometimes I'll try to put too much on my plate and that's when I fall behind in my prospecting.

Today's approach was to contact all of the stalled opportunities and those larger accounts via email.  My approach as to title the subject line with "I hope you are". The body of the message was this:

Hope you and family are well in these crazy times.  Stratix is open for business since we were deemed an “essential business” because we support hospitals and municipalities with IT services.  I’ll reach out to you when this craziness is over.  

Simple, not selling anything, needed to let them know we are open for business. In addition I wanted to let them know about our IT services.  I was keeping track of all the emails sent.  Somewhere around 4PM I lost track and I'm thinking it was in between 60-70 emails.  What I can tell you is that I had many replies (around 20%).  Thus I completed my goal for the day. I'm sure there will be additional replies tomorrow, I also understand that about 70% of businesses are closed in New Jersey. Those that were not deemed essential.  The plan is to keep at it for the next week along with my other activities.

The highlight of my day what the working lunch chat I had with Greg Walters!  We started at noon and went for the full hour. Zoom has us capped at 100 users, thus my apologies for all that could not log on.  We do have a recorded however the first 16 minutes was lost. I'll be posting that up in the next blog within the hour.

Greg and I are not selling books, nor are we selling our services, nor did we sell sponsor space (wow, that maybe an idea!), we just felt it is a good thing to do for our industry.

Good news!  We've scheduled another working lunch chat for March 31st, I'm sure we'll rehash some of the content we covered today, and we'll have some new content to cover for everyone.  You can register for that chat here.

You can view our video chat here.

What's on tap for tomorrow?  More passive prospecting!

-=Good Selling=-

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Four things you should do tomorrow.

1). Toss your toothbrush. Get a new one with a plastic cover!
2). Start cleaning your cellphone twice a day
3). Start changing the pillow case on your bed everyday and wash in hot water.
4). Start cleaning your computer keyboard or tablet screen twice a day.

5). Use the speakerphone on your cellphone or landline as much as possible to minimize contact with your face.

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