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COVID19 Remote Working Day One Hundred and Twenty-Three of Selling


I'm thinking it should be 124 days but yesterday here in the USA was a holiday.

Over the long weekend I read an excellent thread about the top 5 ways to get in front of a CEO.  Jake Dunlop wrote this and I'm sure he won't mind me sharing as long as you connect with him.  

Jake's stuff is below;

Most sales reps should not waste time trying to get in front of a CEO. They can’t talk the talk yet.

But hey, why not are the top five ways to get in front of a CEO from a CEO

1. Act like you understand there is zero chance I’m available next week and pick a date a few weeks out - show you get it

2. Talk about something you know about me outside of my role and what my company does. Impress me with something non-obvious

3. Leverage your CEO or senior executive - high likelihood I’m going to resonate with their narrative and that’s ok.

When I was 28-29, I leveraged my CEO and COO to get meetings with the CEO of Kimpton Hotels and CHRO of Intel.

No way I could have ran those meetings 😂

4. Never talk product.

Make the goal of the first meeting to educate me on the space, it’s importance, and why we should meet again.

5. Be relentless.

Call my EA, mail me stuff, and send highly customized notes. 80% of the time people are just busy and might take touchpoint 14 to breakthrough.

Compare this to what you are doing now...

Setting C-level meetings is hard and if you want to actually get there, you have to be willing to research and prep like you’ve never done before.

Set the big meetings my friends - good luck 💯

I agree with all five and number two is the best of all.  If you're doing your research on Linkedin or Google you can find something to break the ice rather than spouting speeds, feeds and products.  I especially the line after number 5 about reletness and increasing those touch points to 14 (maybe even more).  Jake is also right about the time thing especially during COVID19, most CEO's are focused on surviving along with how to still grow the business.  Shooting that person with an email or an inmail with interesting subject matter can go a long way.  This is not a method that will get you an appointment in weeks or months, but a relationship that you cultivate over time.

Today was all about prospecting and research and a little bit of following up.  After the long weekend I thought it would be best to let the ball travel for another day.

I logged 45 touches today.  Fifteen of those were via email, nineteen phone calls, ten inmails via Linkedin, and one text.  I was able to schedule one appointment and create a small opportunity for this month.  Not a great day but a good day to kick off the week. 

Another one of my goals for September was to get control of my CRM because there is no way I can make 100 calls or touches a day.  If I had zero clients to attend to then yes I could make the those calls.  I believe I'm at that point of finally being able to look at my CRM and be upset because there's no way I can make those calls.  For instance tomorrow I have 37 touches (calls or emails) on tap for the day. I know that's a goal that I can accomplish, this enables me to have a better mindset for the day.

Late in the day I received a verbal for a net new order and I'm hoping this is the order that will open the flood gates for September.  It's not a big order nor is it a decent size one, it's for a small mono A4 but it is a net new client!

Tomorrow will be more of the same, I believe I have another appointment mid-day.  More of the day will be spent following up on the opportunity list and trying to bring some of these to the finish line.

-=Good Selling=-

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