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COVID19 Remote Working Day One Hundred and Twenty-Eight of Selling


Not a lot happened today and that's probably because I had a nagging sinus headache for most of the day.  It wasn't until about three PM that my head cleared a bit and I was able to log a few calls and emails to finish the day.

For most of the day I concentrated and getting additional research and information to clients that I wanted to move forward. 

For one account I put together two simple word documents for each device.  Each file made reference of the existing device situation for each device and then proposed upgrade for each device.  It has to be simple because the information was not going to the decision maker but a "gatekeeper".  

Both of these devices were interesting since the one A3 black MFP had close to a million prints and the other A4 MFP was closing on on 600K.  The A3 was almost ten years old and the A4 was close to six years old.  I received an email back later in the day stating that they would run it up the ladder.

My day wasn't all that bad since I was able to add another three opportunities for about $13K. Not a lot in the revenue department but it was something.

I have this saying that when it get's tough out there and that means whether you're negotiating or every opportunity is stalled.  The it's time to drop back to your value points. Those value points when negotiating  is to tell the client(s) why your company or product is the best product for them.  When it comes to having every opportunity stalled then it's time to get back to sales 101.  That sales 101 tool is your friend the telephone.

Recently Greg Walters and I had a chat about business in general and he asked me for a line or two about sales.  Greg was working with another industry rag and wanted a quote from someone who's been working through COVID19 in copier sales.

I can't post the entire article but with Greg's permission I can post a snippet and a link back to the other site.

Cold Calling Post COVID-19 is More of the Same

There is great pressure in the sales realm no matter what you’re selling.  But for those of us in the imaging industry, the stress is exacerbated.  Our volumes were dropping before COVID-19, consolidation was a daily occurrence, and layoffs happened almost every month.  COVID-19 kicked all that into high gear, accelerating the transformation in a most turbulent way.

Today the talk about town is working from home, the death of the office and surviving the next month.  Few meetings are centered on new copiers and toner supply management. you can read the rest here

So for those that may need a little encouragement or help I found this blog to be a good tool for the rookies, the novices and even the tenured like me.

I also took a snap shot of the the paragraph that starts with "Warm up the Call".  It's not that I didn't know about it but more about it being a gentle reminder to use it more often when calling.

Down to six selling days left in the month and there is still much work to be done.

-=Good Selling-=

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