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COVID19 Remote Working Day One Hundred and Thirty-Two of Selling


COVID19 Remote Working Day One Hundred and Thirty-Two of Selling Copiers

The last blog I wrote was last Tuesday the 15th and that was day 128.  Today marks 132 days (22 working days per month) or half a year of working remote with pandemic in place.  

By the end of the today all I had was one massive headache. All of the good stuff that was created on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week fizzled.  With two days left in the month I'm sucking wind and I'm not too happy about where I'm at.

Between Tuesday and Wednesday I have three appointments and all of them have the chance to close by the 23rd.  I've prepared, I'm ready and the only thing I need to do is to get the order docs prepped in advance.  If all goes well I can end the call and 5 minutes later the client has the documents.  There is no time to waste.  Tomorrow morning will be spent working on those order documents so they are ready to go.

Last week was slow to develop and by Wednesday I was thinking this just may not happen this month.  On Thursday I had two good hits, one from an existing account that wants to upgrade two devices and then a text from another account that told me to call his buddy.  Friday saw me with another opportunity for a pre-owned A3 MFP.  I thought this was really coming together and with three days left I could do this.

The pre-owned A3 dropped off this AM because a tech was able to get the copier running (competitor tech).  The buddy text opportunity I wasn't able to connect with and the other opportunity (existing client) has an appointment at 4PM tomorrow.  Late tomorrow should be a RUSH, I have a 3:00PM, 4PM, and then 4:30PM.  Thus you just might not see a blog from me tomorrow night.

These are crazy times, the stress, the ups and downs can take their toll on your mental fitness.  As many times as I wanted to just through in the towel and say this isn't going to work, I told myself that I still have three months left in the year. That's 25% of the year left, which is still plenty of times to make things happen.  Funny about that make things happen line. I could have been a loser today and waited for something to happen.  I didn't wait,  I ended up making the rest of the calls and the emails that I had on my list. 

Tomorrow is another day and even though this day really sucked can it really get that much worse?  Well it could,  I could pull another zero tomorrow.  But even if I pull that zero sooner or later this is all going to come together and when it does I will be there.

In my 90 day funnel I now have 28 opportunities, twenty percent of those are probably crap (but there is always hope).  Moving into the last quarter of the month the total revenue is $378,000.   That $378K should get me around the $130K mark for the last quarter.  Of course the $130K isn't going to cut it and the remedy is to continue prospecting get that $378K to at least $425K.  Funny when it comes right down to it, it's really is a numbers game.

Now I will congratulate my-self on surviving a half a year of working remote and having the world turned up-side down.  I can think of all the bad, but to make this far in this type of business climate I will pat myself on the back and say you've done a decent job

Now it's time to finish the year!

-=Good Selling=-

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