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COVID19 Remote Working Day One Hundred and Seventy-Six of Selling


Today is 176 business days since I was optioned to working remote.  Those 176 business days now totals eight full months that I've been in some sort of lockdown. 

Our Governor keeps toying with the idea that he may start additional lockdowns in the near future because NJ is now averaging 4K positive tests each day. I know he's blowing smoke out of his ass for two reason.  One the State of New Jersey is flat ass broke, reducing the tax revenue stream will force a bankruptcy. The second would be the fact that he's running for re-election and another lockdown would hurt him politically. At this point I really don't care and I'll continue to change when change is needed.

Last week I was able to book twelve meetings and with those types of numbers one would expect some BIG revenue numbers.  Well not always, I received an order from an existing client today for two A3 color MFPs.  That revenue was $24K and for the month I'll finishing at $41K.  Not bad, but not where I wanted to be for the end of November.  After today we're into December sales numbers.

I had my hopes up for a net content/hardware order however some last minute additions from today will push this order till Wednesday of this week or even Friday.  This is the deal that keeps growing and growing and now I'm hoping we'll book it for $53K.  After this opportunity is booked I'll blog some about the opportunity and all that I've learned this year.  Yes, we can teach an old dog new tricks. I'm proof of that!  Docs for this are going to the client tomorrow.

Today was was one of those days where prospecting was not planned and the order of the day was to see what orders I could close today.  One order is better than no orders in my book.

Moving into December the funnel is there to finish the year at quota. In fact if the content/hardware opportunity works out it should be a hop, skip and a jump to quota.  It's not something I'm going to assume, I'm going into December with the thought process that the content/hardware opp can still fall apart.  So come tomorrow I'll be playing the game of "what ifs" or more like what happens if this or that opportunity does not come to fruition.  That's the only way play this in the final month. For those of you that are chess players you know what I mean by the "what if" scenarios. BTW are any of you chess players?  If so I'd love to play a few games with someone, it's been years since I played.

On Friday of last week Kathy and I were able to attend our Son and Daughter-in-Laws reveal gathering.  Seems we have another granddaughter on the way!  She will be our number two and I can't wait to start sharing my knowledge as they grow up.  Yup they will be taking a piece of me into the future.

Tomorrow will see me prepping that content/hardware opportunity docs and the rest of my day will be focused on laying out the plan to get to where I want to be.  I'll have another blog for tomorrow and will shut down for the rest of week.

-=Good Selling=-

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