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COVID19 Remote Working Day One Hundred and Ninety-Eight of Selling


COVID19 Remote Working Day One Hundred and Ninety-Eight of Selling Copiers

This is my second selling day of 2021 and the one hundred and ninety eighth  day since I was optioned to working remote in New Jersey.  This is also one of my traditional vacation weeks.  You may ask what the hell is he doing writing about a selling day when he's on vacation?  Ah grasshopper it's because every day is a selling day whether you're on vacation or not.

For someone like me it's extremely hard to shut the engine down especially after the events of last week.  Our team put some special sauce on the last week with garnering almost $400K in revenue for the last three selling days of 2020.  We can go into 2021 with the attitude that pandemic or not there is business to won and clients that need our help.


I had a few action items that I had to clean up today and it was just a few emails that I needed to attend to.  It was about 9:30AM when I received my first order of the new year via email.  I was also not expecting the order because it was for two accessories that I didn't think the client would follow up on.  Thus instead of letting the order sit for 5 days I put in the 40 minutes or so to process the order for our client. Nothing big but every order is going to be needed in order to get where I want to be in 2021.

In the next couple of days I'll also put in some additional hours to make sure Monday is off to a clean day of prospecting.  Looking back it's seems like 2020 was over in the blink of an eye.  The days of frustration, and anguish of 2020 are past and all I can think about is what pitfalls and perils may lay in wait for us in 2021.  However from the past we know that hard work, that never quit mentality can and will pay off.  Thus I'm looking at 2021 as a fresh start and there's something I need to accomplish one more time.


What does one do with a stay at home vacation?  Well for me it was time to dedicate some time and resources to my other passion.  That passion is creating and for me that means creating art of our items I find on the beach.

After four years of prospecting the local beaches I've taught myself how to make works of art and jewelry out of the shells and beach glass that I find. I will admit the first year I was learning and experimenting however and over the past three years I've been able to craft almost 500 pieces of artwork and jewelry.

It was two years ago when I started up my Etsy store named artpostdesign.  The Etsy shop was another learning experience and much of my time has been taken up with taking pictures, uploading those pictures and then trying to tell a story about each of the shells that I find. I admitted to my wife the other night that I had not idea how much time is involved with setting up and maintaining the site.  In addition I need to now gather an audience and create my brand.

It won't be easy, but I guess that's what I like about it. It's going to be another challenge to prove to my self that I can be successful in something other than copiers.

I call this shell "wheatfield". The "wheatfield" has an interesting story to it. I found that shell on my friends beach on the Coan River in Virginia. Every year Kathy and I take a trip there in the summer months.  I found that shell three years ago and from what I gather it's a piece of a larger shell, however the sands and tides of time creating a beautiful piece of art.  All I did was to find it, recognize the beauty and figure how it would hang.  But the colors and the lines are wonderful. To this day I've never found another shell like it.

I call this piece "sunrise".  The shell was found close to where I live and local name for the shell is "jingle shell".  When you get a bunch of these shells together they can sound like small bells when they brush up against each other.  This particular jingle shell (also know as mermaids toe nails) is "cupped" in shape and what you see in the middle is what I think is a rose quartz beach pebble.  Thus both were cleaned, polished and drilled and I set the rose quartz in the cupped jingle shell.  One thing I learned is that you need quite a few diamond drill bits to out a hole in quartz.


The creating is another passion of mine. I guess it's kind of similar to sales in a way because in a way we are creating opportunities with our clients and prospects.  We are giving them a vision of the future on how our products and services can help then in their day to day business processes.  Thus whether I'm out on the beach or in a clients office, oopsie I meant virtual meetings we are painting a picture of the future from our discoveries, right?

It's late. I have a big day of shelling in the cold tomorrow.  If you have the time please pay a visit to my site. I also have a facebook page Jersey Shore Jewelry by Art Post and give me a like and a follow.

-=Good Selling=-


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