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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day One Hundred and Four of Selling


COVID19 "Remote Working" Day One Hundred and Four of Selling Copiers

I spent much of the day trying to think about what I might write about tonight.  Would it be more about that one opportunity that I created or the measly 5 phone calls I logged, or the crap load of emails I generated today.  Still don't have a clue but maybe as I continue to write something will come to mind.

Here we go, in six business days we'll have logged 5 months worth of business days working remote.  Now we're closing in on half the year.  My how time does fly when we're all having so much fun.

I was able to generate a verbal for two A3 color devices today for a total of $15K (another client that asked for 11x17 capability). I finished up the docs around three and off they went.  Of course it would be nice to have them back tomorrow, however almost everything in the last two weeks seems to be a struggle.

I only had two appointments today with one being the verbal and another with an existing account that is merging with another company.  In fact this company stated they want to return the existing three copiers early because they are going to use the other companies copiers.  Just a little bit of problem since there are 12 payments left on the devices.  Years ago I would get pissed when this happened and now I try more to read between the lines. Instead of telling the client it can't be done. I stated no problem it can be done for this amount of money.  No arguments, no long email chains just kept it short and sweet.  I'll be finding out more about what's happening with this account tomorrow.

Today I was able to send 51 emails, and 22 of those emails went in one shot to clients that I felt might have an interest in something new.  All of the other emails were one offs.  I had a few responses however three of them will lead to work that I won't get a commission on. Thinking again there maybe a way to to get something out of nothing for one of them.  It's all part of the job that we do.

I have a conversation with my good buddy Larry Kirsch the other day and he told me that I should write my first book about "Selling in a Pandemic" because I had figured it out.  I love Larry he's such a nice guy and he's more experienced than me, plus every time we chat I pick up something from him.  There is nothing new in sales, it's the same as it ever was, and what's old is new.  Those one on one chat's can trigger a tip you learned many years ago and have forgotten to use it.  In this case when I was speaking to Larry I told him. "you know what's wrong with our sales people today", Larry replied with "no, do tell me", I stated "no one teaches reps how to close (ask for the order) today, it's more about being we're hear when you need us and hope you order from us".  

Larry agreed with me and I then went to my second rant, "why can't we close orders via email?"  I went on to tell him that I treat emails more like text messages now.  The short subject line, the body that states "hope you are well" and the question "how is business for you?".  When the reply comes in it's then another statement and another question, and then the communication becomes more like a text or conversation.  It's working for me thus I'll keep using this till something else comes along.    

While I'm on the subject of remembering what we were taught years ago.  One item that I always keep in mind is that I presume that the order is mine.  In some cases I'll thank the client for the order before they've agreed to order.  at other times I will use something like this "when you place your order, we'll being doing this, that and something else.  Just another way of presuming that you have the order.

See, told you something would come to mind.  Tomorrow? One appointment with twenty five or so follow ups and some additional prospecting.

-=Good Selling=-

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Asking for the order is the climax of the sale in my opinion.  I knew I had this 10 machine deal coming through and was told that my contact had the papers on her desk signed but had to wait until Tuesday to send them (really.....).  Even though I knew I "had" this one, it wasn't until I received the signed docs that I let out a nice yip (which then got me yelled at by my wife because it startled her ).  

The presumptive close is always a good one, speaking about the next steps, delivery timeline, who we should contact etc.  Right now I've got several docs waiting for signature that the DM's are on vacation right now.  I'm on vacation next week (much needed) so I've already set the stage for my follow ups.  

I try to get a phone call scheduled if I can't meet with the customer to simply nudge the opportunity closer to the goal line, but there's nothing like the sweet taste of victory when you get those signed docs.  These days anything tastes good big or small!  Keep up the grind Art and stay safe!

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