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COVID19 Remote Working Day One Hundred and Forty-Six of Selling


COVID19 Remote Working Day One Hundred and Forty-Six of Selling Copiers

What a nasty day today in Jersey.  Torrents of rain along with a temperature that couldn't climb above 55 degrees.   Seems we'll have the same weather tomorrow also.

Back on September 25th our Governor signed another Health Emergency Order for another 30 days.  By late next week we'll know if the order is extended for yet another month.  Positive COVID19 tests have been on the rise for the last week and a half in New Jersey.  We were averaging 300-400 per day but the last week has seen those cases double.  Not sure what that means for future or additional shut downs.  With the weather getting colder it will be interesting to see what our Governor has in his plan.  In door dining is still a hot topic with restaurants limited to 25% of capacity.

I had a decent day on Friday. I received an order for 4 color A3 MFP's. I was hoping for 5 but that one may come later this week.  I ran into a snag with my net new verbal order that I received last Thursday.  Seems the company has not in business that long and additional information is needed.

Anyway I still think I'm on track for the $100K this month.  It's shame I had such a crappy month for September. This month is all about payback for September and try to stay even for October.  The last two months of the year will prove to be interesting to say the least. There is more than enough opportunities to hit my number, the question will be can we get the lease approvals.  I mention the approvals because credit seems to be tightening, however there are many leasing companies that also need to hit their numbers.  At this point I'm hoping one will wash the other one out for a push.

During the last week I haven't had the time to be that creative. I've not had the time to write additional blogs for Jersey Plotters nor get out my monthly email address to 900 net new accounts.  It will get done but it seems that I'll be burning some extra hours.

It's had to believe that we're now in the last two months of 2020.  Counting March as the first month and with October it's been eight solid months of grinding, eight months of not giving up, and eight months of throwing enough crap on the wall to see what sticks.

What's been sticking as of late?

Emails still seem to be the best way of contacting peeps, in addition Linkedin in mails at off hours work too.  Just today I picked up an appointment via a contact I made with a Linkedin inmail.  Linkedin is just so darn expensive!   

In addition I'm somewhat happen with the lead service I stated four months ago. Most are BS, but there are a few that have some value and I've been able to close two of them to date. 

What's also been better is picking up the phone, while I don't get the chance to make as many calls as I'd like to.  It does seem like those calls are getting better at obtaining a response.  One thing I always keep in mind is that our clients and prospects are stretched just as much as we are.  There's not need to worry if you don't get a call back or a return email right away.  We need to have some patient to let the ball travel for a few days at a time.

My goal for this week is to garner another $25K in orders and I won't get that without busting my butt.  I guess after 40 years of doing this I'm used the ups and the downs.

-=Good Selling=-

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