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COVID19 Remote Working Day One Hundred and Forty of Selling


COVID19 Remote Working Day One Hundred and Forty of Selling Copiers

For all of those that look forward to my weekly email update I don't think that's going to happen this week.  I just need to take the mental break tonight.

The end of last week was pretty good. I ended up receiving docs from three clients. One net new small A4 black MFP, one A3 Color MFP from an existing client (yes they needed 11x17), and then another order form an existing client for W6700 wide format (replacing a Ricoh W3601) and I also knocked out a Canon Color MFP at that same account with a Ricoh A3 color (another account that required 11x17).  Finishing up somewhere around $25K for the week.  See Ray 11x17 is still needed!

I was hoping on getting another wide format net new account last week.  This account gave me the verbal on Wednesday and then had second thoughts.  After three days of playing catch up with the account he emailed me today telling me he has to think it over a bit more.  There's any underlying reason and not something I will discuss at this point in time.  Nothing to do with me or Stratix, it's more of a manufacturer thing.  If you want to know the details please feel free to PM me.  That deal was around $12K, well at least I have three weeks to try and answer the objections and get it to the finish line.

During the month of May it seemed like I had that Midas touch, every deal was smooth with no hiccups.  Every deal this month has presented it's own set of issues whether it's lease approval, lease rates, docs, legal name it all came home to roost today.  I spent the better part of the day walking through each deal to bring them to fruition.  I'm sure there's going to be some additional work that needs to be done tomorrow and the day after.

Today I also was told that I'll be received signed docs tomorrow for four color MFP's from an existing account.  This has been in the works for sometime and it couldn't hit at a better time in the month since I was forecasting $105K for this month.  I dropped that to $92K because of the net new wide format account that is in the weeds.

The order from tomorrow is another $25K, thus my the end of tomorrow I should be at $50K with three weeks left.  The plan is to get at least one more client to move forward with a $16K order.  I'm hoping to be at $66K for the end of the week.  I then have two weeks to find another $30K.  Going through accounts that I think have the chance to close I'm seeing that number at $66K.  Half of that will get me to my goal.

Today was also pretty cool since I received a lead!  Yay!  They don't come along that often and they are such a blessing.  Believe or not I'll be visiting that location on Wednesday of this week.  Can you guess what I'm bringing with me? .................................Paper order documents so the client can sign them on the spot if the time is right.  I will not go there and then tell the client, "uh sorry I don't have any docs and I'll email them to you".  Not going to happen.  In fact I'm bring two sets becuase I have a tendency to screw them up every now and then. This opportunity is not included in my numbers and would be a bonus.

Strange how the rhythm of sales works, for two weeks you slam your head against the wall and double think every action because nothing is working. Then all of that work and prospecting falls into place for a short time.   It still is and always will be about how hard you work and how bad do you want it.

I'm done still have some work to finish up for my day job and it's just about 8PM here in Jersey.

-=Good Selling=-

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