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COVID19 Remote Working Day One Hundred and Forty-Four of Selling


COVID19 Remote Working Day One Hundred and Forty-Four of Selling Copiers

Another interesting day to say the least.  My order for 4 A3 color MFPs is still out there and it may have a bonus MFP when I get it.  At least that's the way I read it when we were on the phone the other day.

All day I was trying to get something to happen.  I knew I only had that one 4 MFP order that was solid for this week.  Of course it's Thursday and with the order not in hand is always a little concerning.  I'm positive I'll get it but there is always the question of when will I have it.  In any case the thought of putting of a zero for the week was not where I wanted to be.

I had that one net new appointment yesterday for the two A3 color devices that went well.  The proposal went over last night, the follow up call in morning where I left a message and then I had a call back around 11AM.  We spoke about issuing a know out credit for the existing device, however I was firm that I needed some sort of documentation. 

It was about 4PM and I didn't have a call back. I knew the need was urgent to get the MPF's as soon as possible.  I thought, do I wait another day for the DM to call me back to review the pricing or do I take matters into my own hands make something happen.  I thought it was best to make something happen because I knew there was an urgency to get the MPF's.  In the back of my mind was also that fact that the longer I waited the longer I had a chance of losing. At 4:30 I negotiated a deal with my self and offered a special discount to the client if they ordered today or tomorrow.  Tell you the truth it was kind of fun putting that in an email format.  Instead of asking the closing question on the phone or in person it was via email.  If you don't ask you don't get.

I received the email that they are ready to order about 7:30PM tonight.  Just a few minutes ago I responded with a thank you along with the time-line for tomorrow to get and received the documents..  Hoping all goes well tomorrow means a net new client and revenue of about $14K.

Tomorrow morning means another early on-site appointment for wide format.  Hoping for a very busy day to end the week.

The harder you work the luckier you get.

BTW, A3 MFP's are not dead yet!

-=Good Selling=-

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