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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Ninety-Six of Selling


I had one appointment today and that appointment was more of a holding hands session with their new copier.  I didn't mind because I put the top down on the hardtop and worked on my tan for about 90 minutes with the drive back and forth from the home office.

Every time I drive to this client I take the same route.  That route takes me past the Garden State Parkway and Route 520 exit.  The parkway is a major artery that leads to North Jersey and that's where many of the jobs are.  At this juncture of the partway sits two commuter parking lots. I stopped there today to count the parking spaces or at least tried to count them all. My estimate is when the parking lot is full it hold about 750 cars.  Pre-Covid19 the lot was jammed everyday with additional cars parked where they should not.  Below are two pictures i snapped earlier today. Okay seems I only snagged one picture.

commuter lot Exit 109

There' another parking at the end of the picture.  It's my best guess that both lots had no more than 75 cars.  This makes the lot 90% empty at 12PM on a work day.  This is the story in New Jersey, many are working remote, very few people are in their offices and I can only guess how many are out of work.

New Jersey is not PA and we're still shut down and shut out of offices.  When will it end?  Some have said November 4th, and I say that when Trump wins re-election it may be like this for another four years (I'm joking haha).

I can see the writing on the wall, I can tell that the future of businesses in New Jersey is sketchy at best.  Construction carried the economy in NJ for the last four months,  however many of those pre-Covid19-construction projects are now complete and I've herd rumbling that new construction projects are stalled because of COVID19 during the last five months. Something is going to break in the near future.

Since I'm part Nostradamus and I can see some of the future I set a a personal goal today.  In the past few weeks I've ignored setting a daily goal and only focusing on the monthly goal.  My goal today was to get in a combination of 50 dials, emails, in-mails (Linkedin) or texts.  Even with the two hours I took for the one appointment I finished up my goal right around 5PM.  A dozen or so calls and the rest was a combination of the latter.   I was able to manage one appointment, carry three emails conversations and advance one of my existing opportunities down the road a bit.  No new opportunities today.

My goal for tomorrow is 25 touches and that's because I have to process an order in the AM. Then put some time in on the opportunity that I advanced today.  MY wide format opportunity is back in the weeds and may never come out because the client stated that all of his submittals  are now required to be in a digital format.  Thus he needs to procrastinate for another couple of weeks.  The thought on have $20K in for the small stuff has now floundered.

Tomorrow is Friday and with a little bit of luck (yes I do like luck), I'll have the signed documents for the $60K net new order.  

-=Good Selling=-


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  • commuter lot Exit 109

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