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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Ninety-Four


Thirty-two received emails, thirty-eight sent emails, ten calls and two meetings was the menu for today.  

We had our weekly sales meeting and Tim (VP of Sales) spoke about how our cheese was moved the last five months.  That cheese is many of those existing clients that had trigger points for lease upgrades.  Most of those trigger points for lease upgrades are not important to the DM's during this pandemic. In fact I believe many see it as a blessing that the decision to do nothing is the best course of action.  But there are those DM's when faced with reducing costs will choose the path of savings in uncertain times.  The key is to find those DM's with that mindset.  They are the cheese.

The moving of the cheese means that we need to find the cheese again.  The cheese is still out there but it's harder to find than it was before.  For those of us that are good mousers (diggers) we've been through similar times in our sales career.  Remaining status quo and do the same thing we used to do over and over isn't going to work. We need to change and the reason we need to change is because change is good a thing.  Who the frak wants to be status quo all their lives?  

When I look back on the first few months of COVID19 it was more about me finding a new way to communicate with clients and prospects since I could not be face to face.  I'm no charmer by any means, but I am a little smarter than the average bear, persistent and have a knack for asking the right questions.  I'll also admit that I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer nor was I ever the best closer.  What I did did really well was educate myself and was never afraid to work. If I couldn't beat the competition because of price or lack of features I found ways to out work the competition and show clients why I was their best option.

My most effective communication tool now is email. Over the last three months most of my appointments come from emails and most of my closes come from emails.  If you don't ask you don't receive something so simple when it comes to being a rep.

That existing 5K order I was expecting didn't come today and also the net new for about $6k (the one where he finally came out of the weeds) didn't happen either.  Hoping that both of these will go down to tomorrow. I did have another existing client that emailed me today about a 5K A3 color.  This account has been stalled for more than a year.  I would say from the wording of the email and the questions asked that this is an opportunity that could happen in August also.

I think it was about Noon when I received an email from my net new client for the $60k deal.  He actually thought I was going to be on-site today but remembered that it's actually next week that I would be there.  He wanted to clear up a few workflow questions and was then ready to make his pick of the three devices I proposed.  I read the email the short and sweet email three times and I knew today was the day he told me that they would make their choice.  If you don't ask you don't get, I replied with "Can we move forward with the order for the new device today? We can always make changes if we need to when we meet next week."

It was about 5 minutes later and the reply was "yes, let's move forward".  There was the verbal and now it was time to drop everything else and focus on getting the documents out for signatures.  Within a couple of hours the docs were on the way. It was after 5PM that I received an email asking if Friday was okay to have the documents. Right, there's no way I would say no.  Of course I can't count this yet, but all is looking well for having the docs back by the end of the week.

Tomorrow means more prospecting some things just never change.

-=Good Selling=-

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