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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Nine of Sales


Sorry everyone, I'm going to make this short and sweet tonight.

On a positive note today I receive and email from one of my clients that they like the first of 2 proposals that they reviewed and is looking at a May 1st timeline to move forward.  Now I won't count my chickens yet, but that's the best news I've had all week.  We scheduled a follow up in two weeks to see if we're still at square one with this virus. Oh ya, and this is a $60K opp.

I had a chat with Greg Walters this AM and he told me about a thread that he read on Linkedin from someone he is connected with. The thread kinda went like this.

Our country is built on capitalism it’s our duty as sales people to sell and it’s the duty of our clients to buy in order to bring us out of this economic downturn.

I may have paraphrased a bit because I did not jot it down word for word, however if we are true believers and patriots only we can turn this economic free fall around.  Not sure how and when I might use this but it's really something to think about.

Of course I finished up all of my emailing today, and set aside some prep time for Monday. In addition I finished my first constant contact drip email campaign. I'll be sending this out on April 1st.

If anyone would like to some help with CC, I ready and willing to help.

One other thing I've noticed in the last two days is that industry press releases for copier and IT stuff have virtually vanished. It's the first night in a long time that I have nothing to post.  That's cool because I'm beat from a very stressful week.

One more note Greg Walters and I will have another chat on March 31st at noon, we have some additional content to cover.  You can register for the chat here. Please keep in mind that the registration does not preserve you seat, so please log in on time.

-=Good Selling=-

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One thing that has happened several times this week is that customers who have signed leases for new equipment refuse delivery, sometimes we learn about this while the delivery truck is in motion, claiming they just do not know how they would pay for the equipment.

One of my copier sales reps is experimenting with building into his cost of goods worksheet, the first three or six months payments of any lease proposal, extending the lease at the back end by the same amount of time and giving the customer a cheque up front, once the lease is funded to cover their monthly payments.

This is not a skip lease strategy, the customer has to make all of the payments.

The following example is for three months.


$7500.00 deal


66 month rate at $53.00 q/ 1,000 equals payment of $398.00 Q payment.


Take that payment and work it backwards using the 69 month rate of $51.50 q/ 1000 ... gives you $7,728.00. 


Then subtract $398.00 from that total for the Q payment that you will reimbursed for. 


$7,728.00 - $398.00 = $7,330.00 that you get funded for.


Basically the client gets 1st Q free, costs you $170, as you only end up with $7,330.00 vs original $7,500.00 .


$7,500 - $7,330 = $170.00 transaction cost.


As mentioned earlier this lease tactic is to help close current quotes forcing the sales person to eat the $170.00 .


For future transactions, the $170.00 could be built into your cost of goods.


If the salesperson wants to propose six months prepaid lease payments, the procedure to calculate the numbers would be the same.




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