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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Fourteen of Sales


Arriving home from Aruba on the 2nd of March and all was fine on that late evening ride from Newark Airport to my home in Highlands.

Never ever did I think I would be confined to my house for this long. Never ever did I think that I would go three weeks without an order.

Never ever did I think I would be trapped in my home office and not be able to meet and greet prospects and clients.

Never ever did I think that a virus could virtually bring a country to it's knees.

This is our new normal, this what the next four to eight weeks will be like. I dread the thought that this could last longer than eight weeks. 

They say everything changes over time.  But sometimes the changes are so subtle that they go unnoticed over short period of time.  Time...., I guess that's one thing that we all have in common.  That law of commonality that we all look for as salespeople is now everything that we all have in common.

What as work like today? After not getting another good night of sleep my ass was dragging in the AM. I finally came out of my foggy head coma about 8:30AM and it was time to climb the flight of stairs to my office.

The first couple of hours I dedicated to sending a few emails and trying to make some calls.  It's Friday and just maybe the world has changed a bit from yesterday.  Alas nothing changed from the day before, phones were ringing and ringing, voice mails kicked in and it was another day of leaving messages and sending an email right after I hung.

I did take a departure from the madness and starting some training for PaperCut.  The training wasn't the bad and at least this time I aced the test and got my "sales" certification which means that I can now find PaperCut opportunities. Dang, I've been selling PaperCut for the last year and notched four accounts under my belt in that time.  All learning is good and you can never ever stop learning in this industry because once you stop learning your competitor will out learn you.

After lunch I had a little bit of a different plan.  I decided to dig around the CRM to see if I could find some additional opportunities.  My idea is simple it all of your funnel is cold then you need to add more to your funnel. I was able to identify a couple, made the calls and then sent the emails.

Remember that potential order that I blogged about yesterday? I wrote that it's time to **** or get off the pot.  Thus my email was straight to the point. Later in the day the client emailed me and asked me to sent him the order docs. You know in a different time, I would have stated "yes I'll get them ready ASAP and can I bring them by later today?" Time changes everything and today went more like "okay I'll get them done ASAP and send them to you".

After a few issues with my PDF software, actually many issues I was able to create new set of documents and I was able to email them out about 4:30PM.  I was not expecting them back because it was Friday and I knew how drained I was and I could only think that my DM was drained as well.

Yay!  The weekend is here..................

-=Good Selling=-

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