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COVID19 "Remote Working" Day Four of Sales


My morning started off the same as the last three mornings. 

"Got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head, made my way downstairs and drank a cup (coffee)."  That lyric is from the "A Day in the Life" by the Beatles and a song that was featured in 1967 from Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.  I thought that would be an appropriate lyric to start our blog with because I'm thinking there are many more mornings to come that will be identical to the last four.

I heard from a good source today that within 72 hours or less New Jersey  will issue an order for "Shelter in Place", just like California and Illinois.  All non-essential businesses will have to close except for healthcare, gas, grocery, stores. Other companies that can remain open would be the ones that support healthcare, police, fuel and food stores. It's my understanding that many of us will be in that group.l

Today I was able to clean my CRM.  The cleaning focused on scheduling calls and emails, updating emails and capturing emails to my constant contact account.  Next week I plan to send emails that will focus on educating my accounts about business continuity, collaborating and different software programs that enable a paperless workflow.  In four days I haven't printed one document although I've scanned all of my paper based files that I took from the office.

I did lose a deal today, at least that was a little bit of action.  I know why I lost and don't need to go into details about it in an open blog.  We all lose every now and then and I've always been a proponent that you need to lose in order to win.

Of course there was some email activity back and forth, mostly support for some clients that were still operating.  The plan for next week is to write content and get it out to the masses,. Couldn't be a more perfect time to get that done.  The plan thereafter is to generate weekly content for prospects and to get that out once a week.  I will continue that plan for the rest of the year.

Same deal for lunch as the rest of the days.  A little bit of news, food, chat with the wife, walk our dog and then back to work.  By 2:30PM I was shot, tired of looking at the laptop screen and I just felt mentally wiped out from this week.

Yes, I took some "me" time or what I like to call therapy time and put a couple of hours in making some jewelry.  I just may need to that business in the near future.

Ray S and I did have a chance to chat today, we didn't have time for the video. We were able to chat about things we've heard and seen over the past few days. It was good to finally chat with someone in the industry.

I was able able to have a private chat session with five other Print4Pay Hotel members today.  The general consensus is that this virus will not only change the imaging business but it will forever change the way we do business. If we go through a prolonged event many clients will develop paperless workflows. The good thing is that many will need help with the developing the bad means that we will see a dramatic shift with imaging devices.  At the start we could have a flurry of additional A4 devices as one P4P Hotel member told me today, buy mark my words things will change at lightning speed.

I remember a talk track from years ago at a Print Audit event in Utah or maybe San Diego.  That talk track was centered around how each recession has reduced the amount of paper printed in the office.  If I remember correctly the next recession could bring a 10% reduction.  After this is all over it may be more than that.

I hope that a miracle arrives next week and it seems there is some promise with mixing a malaria and a Z-Pak (azithromycin).  I will pray that this can be a workaround that gets all of us back to work.

I'm glad the weekend is here, time to recharge and get back at it on Monday. We never quit right!

Would love to hear from others what's going on in your area. What's working what's not working, what's the news in your state.  Would love to hear from everyone!

-=Good Selling=-

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